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So you are a business owner, and as one you know the struggle of constantly keeping your followers engaged online. You understand the frustration of creating different strategies to attract and maintain a fan base online and convert them to business. We’ve already talked about the importance of content marketing, but some have a difficult time with the actual creation of the content. With all the different types of content that can be created, which should you choose to make? In this article we will explore the effectiveness of infographics! Keep reading to find out if this type of content makes sense for you to invest time in or if you should focus your efforts on creating other material.

What are Infographics?

Infographics have been around since the cave painting days, when our ancestors would create visual depictions of hunting, resources and the surround area. More recently is has been taken to a more professional and graphic level and has, in return, seen an astronomical growth in its popularity. In simple terms, an infographic is a visual representation of some data or information. When there are an outrageous number of statistics or a large amount of data that needs to be depicted to an audience, instead of presenting a block of text and numbers, an infographic could be a data visualization solution.

You can use infographics to grow your business

Infographics easily share a story and can be interpreted by a larger audience. Facts and data are represented in pictures and design, so patterns can be seen easily without text a lot of the times. The easy to understand nature of an infographic obviously makes it a popular choice for consumers to take in information and learn about something new, but just how popular is it?

How Popular Are Infographics?  

Yes, it can be easily understood and easily shared online, but are infographics really a popular way to consume information? Are people actually seeking them out? There was a study conducted at the Wharton School of Business where two presentations were show to an audience, one containing visual imagery and the other one being purely verbal. The results showed that 67% of the audience was convinced by the visual presentation compared to 50% for the completely verbal one. What this shows is that people respond better to visuals; they can take the information faster and in an easier way, so it can be processed better.

Not to mention it can be processed at all! An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a textual article with the same information! Consumers may altogether just skip an article they feel is too wordy or too long. But if they think it will be easy to gain information, like in an infographic, then they will be more likely to ready through. Half of the human brain is dedicated to visual functions and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Consumers are wired to crave a visual approach to collecting information; 65% of consumers claim they are visual learners.

Why do infographics work so well online

Because a human brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, infographics appeal to consumers as a way to gain valuable information in a short amount of time. Making the user experience as easy as possible means that your content will be shared and valued and that will lead to an increase in your customer base and more loyalty from your existing following!

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