How to Use LinkedIn For Small Business | What You Need to Know

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LinkedIn is the go-to platform for professional interaction online. If you currently only have a personal LinkedIn page it’s time to up your social media game. Your business needs a LinkedIn page to gain credibility on LinkedIn. If you’re wondering how to use LinkedIn for small business, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to find out what you need to know about using LinkedIn for your small business.
How to use linkedin to help my business grow

What You Need to Know About LinkedIn

How to Set Up Your Profile

Creating a small business page on LinkedIn is quick and painless. Go to the Add a company page and enter your official company name and your company business email address. Verify your page through your email and then choose if you want anyone to me an administrator on the business page. Then fill in your company details and add a banner image and business logo. Next, you’ll have 2,000 characters to describe what your business does and why people should follow you on LinkedIn. This is one of the most important parts of your profile, every character counts. Once done, click “publish” and you’re now officially on LinkedIn.

Employee Participation

Your employees are your best resource to start growing your LinkedIn audience. They each come with their own networks, expanding your reach across LinkedIn. Request that your employees add your Company page to their personal profiles which enable them to easily share company updates.

Build Up Followers

LinkedIn followers are all about personal connection. That’s why this part will either be fun or painstaking depending on how comfortable you are with reaching out to people. Reach out to everyone you know and ask them to follow your business LinkedIn page. Ask your current customers to follow your LinkedIn page by adding the link to your page at the bottom of each business email you send. If you have a close relationship with some of your customers you can personally ask them to follow your business page.

Publish Correct Content

The goal with LinkedIn is to use it as a professional platform to make business connections. That’s why most businesses focus on posting a small number of high-quality updates. It is also important to share other industry related news that you come across on LinkedIn. Make sure to post content that is professional and relevant to your business.  When you do receive engagement it is imperative that you respond to show that you are engaging with your followers.

Monitor Analytics

LinkedIn analytics is especially useful when you are a small business because it shows you how people are interacting with the content you are posting. This will be able to tell you what content is successful and what isn’t. LinkedIn analytics also appear in your follower section where you can view the makeup of your audience.

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Still Worried About How to Use LinkedIn?

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional social media site and must be treated as such. If done correctly, LinkedIn can create a meaningful network of people who are connected to your business. If you’re still overwhelmed about how to use LinkedIn, hire a team of social media specialist to take care of it. Digital Resource creates daily posts on LinkedIn that engage followers a generate leads. Contact our team to start your LinkedIn business page today!

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