How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Content Marketing

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  • 91% of B2B marketers are using content marketing to find customers
  • 95% of web browsers only look at the first page of search engine results
  • 86% of B2C marketers are convinced that content marketing works

Content marketing is not just about choosing clever words and stitching them together to create a beautiful story for the sole purpose of entertainment. It’s much more than that and this is what makes content marketing different from brand blogging. In blogging, you’re creating a moving story about your brand and you’re letting your audience know that you value them. Content marketing, on the other hand, delivers helpful content that is designed to resonate with your audience on all four buying stages and helps generate traffic to your site.

The foundation of all types of marketing including content marketing is the psychology of persuasion. Unfortunately, there are so many marketers today who are sugarcoating their ads bombarding their audience with promises just to impress them but aren’t keen on following through. Learning psychology is vital if you want your content marketing to work. Here are some tips on how to use psychology to improve your content marketing.

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How to Use Basic Psychology in Your Marketing Strategy:

Use Social Proof

Are you aware that 8 out of 10 Americans who are planning to purchase a product or avail of service check out reviews and ratings online before they make an investment? This goes to show that social proof does have influential power. Everyday ratings and reviews are piling up and they are getting more and more powerful as technology continues to improve. When you are running a business it is vital that you create social proof.

Aside from having positive testimonials, ratings and reviews across various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook you can also try to look for a social media influencer or an expert in your industry to promote your brand. Let an expert mention your brand in their blog, vlogs or in one of their speeches. The influencer can be a celebrity, an author, anyone who has the power to persuade a large audience.

Talk in Concrete Terms Instead of Abstract Words

Have you ever perused a financial report and get nothing from it because you don’t understand the terms used? Well, that’s why you shouldn’t use abstract words just to sound smart because if your audience can’t grasp what you’re trying to convey it’s going to be useless. When creating content, don’t try too hard by using highfalutin words thinking that it will impress your audience because chances are, if they don’t understand the first few lines of what they are reading they won’t waste another second on your site.

Simple words don’t have to be boring. The point of using simple words is they tend to stick to their minds longer and they can visualize them better. Think “searing potato” instead of “boiling Solanum tuberosum”. Your aim is to build happy customers not to create confused customers. This is especially helpful when designing headlines and titles. Your audience will get easily turned off when they can’t understand the headline and this will discourage them from clicking.

Be Honest with Customers

Not all businesses are perfect. You have probably made mistakes yourself but although it’s going to sting your pride and probably bruise your ego to admit that you are at fault, being honest and humble will actually set you apart from the rest. When you admit that you are wrong your audience will sense your sincerity and your empathy toward them.

The same rules apply to content marketing. When you are honest, your readers will have high regard for you, they’ll respect your honesty and your integrity. In this egoistic world, it’s very rare to find a business admit that they are wrong because it takes humility and courage to do that. When you learn to admit your mistakes, trust us, the returns are tremendous because you will appeal to your clients and in exchange for your honesty they will give you their trust as well as their loyalty.

Get Rid of the Jargon

When you are creating content for your audience you must always assume that not everyone has heard of your products or services before. In fact, they may even know anything about it. With this said, you should avoid using jargon in your content because if you load it up with terminologies that are not familiar with the person reading it, trust us, they won’t linger long enough to get to the call-to-action part. Don’t scare potential clients off with jargon. Be sensitive to the words you use and always remember that simple words will stay in their memories longer because they are much easier to visualize. You have to keep in mind that your goal is to pique the interest of potential customers by educating them and guiding them in becoming paying customers.

You can’t arouse their curiosity and pique their interest if they don’t understand a word you are saying. When you educate, make sure that the words you use are familiar to them, words that they encounter on a regular basis. When you use jargon, your readers will get confused and when you don’t provide clarity, it will be difficult to earn their trust. So keep it simple and use simple language.

A lot of marketers make the mistake of focusing all their attention on ROI that they often find themselves forgetting the basic principles of marketing like customer service. Customer engagement is paramount in business. With these effective tips, you are sure to persuade visitors to do business with you.

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