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Knowing how to write headlines is necessary for effective content marketing. The headline is the first impression you make on a potential reader. It is what determines whether the potential reader will become an actual customer. On average, only 2 out of 10 people will read past the headline copy. Without knowing how to write headlines that draw readers in, the rest of your words may as well not even exist.

Do you want the potential reader to become a potential customer? Then you are going to need to know how to write headlines. Keep reading to find out how to write headlines for your business’ blog that convert.

What are the best headline formulas?Utilizing something called the “four u’s” is essential if you want to know how to write headlines that convince browsers to keep reading. The four u’s are rules of thumb that have been proven to be extremely effective way to bring customers to your business.

How to Write Headlines with the Four U’s:

  • Your headline should be unique

The first thing to consider is how to write headlines that are unique. Today’s readers are accustomed to being bombarded with articles and sales pitches nonstop. As a result, your headlines have to stand out from the crowd to become appealing.

  • Your headline should be ultra-specific

In addition to being unique, you have to know how to write headlines that are ultra-specific. They must provide enough information to let readers know whether or not the content will be interesting to them. If your business’ headlines aren’t specific enough, people will just assume that it isn’t something they’re interested in.

  • Your headline should convey a sense of urgency

 When possible, know how to write headlines that convey a sense of urgency. Your headlines should include something that compels browsers to continue reading or miss out. Use words such as “now,” “today,” “10 days,” “before,” etc. When this tactic is used, it works extremely well.

  • Your headline should be useful

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, know how to write headlines that are useful. If your headlines don’t convey a benefit, it may not give people a reason to read past the headline. Readers want to know what benefit they will receive from reading what you’ve written.


So based on this method, your business needs to how to write headlines that are UNIQUE, ULTRA-SPECIFIC, URGENT, and USEFUL.

A perfect example of changing a boring old headline into an effective business headline can be seen with: “Eat Broccoli”. After we add unique, ultra-specific, urgent, and useful words “Eat Broccoli” becomes “7 Broccoli Recipes with Chocolate to Make Today.” You want to click on the second one right?!

It will be extremely difficult to place all four in a single headline, but you should always try to include at least one or two. Just remember: the more you have in the headline, the more compelling the headline will be.

There’s no restriction on how creative you can be with your headlines. Have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to test out different headlines and see which get more clicks. Also, feel free to find inspiration from headlines that catch your eye. Use it for your business by putting your own spin on it.

Headlines are the front door to your business blog. Make it a door that your potential customers will want to open. The better your headlines are, the more your business will improve!

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