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With the vast amount of competition on the internet, your business needs to be actively maintaining your online presence to ensure you are seen. Google is the go-to source for information searching on the internet today, and they do an excellent job of keeping things fair. Because the majority of your audience never leave the first search page, the key to receiving traffic  is to gain the first Google rankings.

The difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranking is dramatically different as well. The first page receives roughly 32.5% of the traffic, falling off to just 17.6% for 2nd place, and 11.4% for 3rd place. Being able to convert traffic into profit is the purpose of your web page, so it is crucial to do what is necessary to have the highest rank possible. What can you do to make sure you are helping your Google rankings? Here are a few good ideas.

how to improve your businesses google rankings

Better Link Building

If your business isn’t using the resource of linking with reputable sites in your industry, you are missing a huge opportunity. Google confirmed that links are one of the two most important things they consider in Google rankings, and ranking without them is nearly impossible otherwise.

However, not all links are created the same. When considering link building, be sure your business links with authorities in your industry. Linking with reputable companies enhances your brand’s image, and likewise linking with bad companies WILL hurt your ranking. Web pages with Google ranking penalties will directly affect your companies rank, so take the time to link with high-quality links.  Also, linking with links that bring no value to your backlink profile will cause harm to your online reputation. If you build quality links to and from relevant content, Google will keep you in the search results. And your users will be thanking you.

User Experience Optimization

Did you know Google takes into consideration how people interact with your website? By making this an easier process for your audience, you will be rewarded with higher Google rankings. Having a quick loading page with responsive design will increase the traffic to, and time spent on, your website. Making your website easy to navigate will also foster brand loyalty, as you will become a reliable source in your industry. Because of the mobile nature of Google search, the search engine also takes notice if your web page is mobile-friendly. Google wants your business to always be considering how easy information can be found. When your web page is optimized, your Google rankings will thank you.

Content is Still King for Google Rankings

The content that fills your web page still plays a huge part in your Google ranking. Having low-quality content doesn’t help your audience, your business, or your Google ranking. It is most important to be sure that your content is unique, helpful and easy to navigate. Keywords are a great tool to focus your content effectively. Considering what your audience is searching to find you, your business can sprinkle these words throughout the website. Google wants to know if they lead a user to your website, they will find what they are looking for. Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers will allow you see what content is most desired. Keyword research is time-consuming, but a crucial aspect is you expect to gain higher Google rankings.

how to improve your google rankings

There are many things that Google takes into consideration when ranking your website. Staying up to date is the key, but where does your business need to start? With the help of Digital Resource, you can effectively gain a higher Google ranking! Get started by calling us today to get a FREE internet marketing analysis of your business.


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