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Landing pages are the new doorsteps. And websites are the new newspapers. Digital marketing has flipped lead generation on its head, and it’s only growing in popularity. But online business networking within an inbound marketing strategy has yet to demolish in-person communication.

Rather, online correspondence is only the beginning of lead generation for businesses promoting services or products that require more engagement than through a screen. But there is an order to taking potential leads away from the computer. Here’s how to seamlessly transfer your customer communications from the digital world to the real world:

Know How Online Leads Differ from the Traditional

are digital leads in an inbound marketing strategy different than traditional

Not all industries require bringing a digital lead to an in-person communication. If you run an online clothing store and someone makes a purchase, you probably don’t need to discuss that with them. However, if you are offering a something that requires details to be hashed out, there is further conversation that is easier done in person.

Once that is established, it’s important to note that online leads are different from those brought in via traditional methods (print, television, radio, etc.) When you catch a potential sale via your website, you’ve caught them during their decision-making process. Rather than you reaching out to them, they came to you.

To begin, you need to inform them in any way they are looking for and start a conversation. Additionally, you may need to encourage the next step (asking for contact information). Recognize when a lead is not sales ready, and nurture it appropriately. But that is only the very first step in establishing a quality lead.

Call as Fast as You Send a Tweet

do i need a follow up method with an inbound marketing strategy

Most marketers with an inbound marketing strategy think it’s appropriate to follow up 24 hours or more after a potential lead is generated online. This could not be further from what’s necessary. A representative from your company needs to make a follow-up – preferably a phone call – within the day, if not within minutes, of an online inquiry.

Customers want answers immediately. That is why they started online. Your follow up communications need to be just as fast. If you wait too long, they may lose interest or find someone willing to give them what they want.

Schedule a Meeting

how do meetings play a role in inbound marketing strategy

Once again, it’s not always necessary to meet in-person. But, if a customer is potentially making a large investment or seriously requires an in-depth discussion, not even a phone call will do. Instead, schedule a meeting.

You started a conversation online. Then, you began to establish a relationship with your phone correspondence. Now is the time to seal the deal. Meeting in person puts a face to the name and allows you to effectively answer questions. If a customer is willing to meet with you, they are probably very close to finalizing their purchase. So, have an amazing presentation and get that sale.

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