Influencer Marketing | Should You Work with Social Media Influencers?

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There’s no question that people trust celebrities. Their fame and high cultural status makes them honorable models which makes them valuable assets for your business. But there’s a new age of celebrities that are taking center stage on the digital front changing the game of influencer marketing.

Social media influencers are people, groups, and brands with large amounts of followers and, fittingly, a lot of influence. These digital icons can propel your brand onto the feeds of new potential customers with a single post. An influencer marketing strategy may be what your online presence needs to generate new audiences to consume your media and hopefully buy into your brand.

Word of Mouth

How can influencer marketing grow my business

People value opinions. Testimonials give a human aspect to any campaign and makes it seem more reliable. So, whether a potential customer hears about your brand from friends and family members or they see someone online promoting it, they are more likely to believe in it.

Word of mouth marketing can also help build a connection with customers in the future. If a brand can connect and establish a relationship with a customer, they are more likely to recommend it to someone else. Social media influencers have large audiences to project to and act as a catalyst for a word of mouth strategy. And through a single post with a few convincing words, the cycle begins.

The Celebrity Factor

Television, billboards, cereal boxes – celebrity endorsements came to be long before social media. Nowadays, YouTubers, Instagram famous models, and Snapchat stars are used more to target younger generations. These influencers have taken their interests, which can vary from cooking, a style of photography, fashion and more, and turned them into digital businesses.

But more important than the creativity behind their accounts is the relationship with their followers. These accounts maintain a level of personability and intimacy that makes the influencer seem trustworthy. A brand may seem larger than life for millennials and others who want something to attach to; they want a community. Honing in on influencer marketing can bring your brand down to a personal level by seeing someone they relate to use your product or service. This propels word of mouth.

Incorporating Influencer Marketing

Where should I post my influencer marketing posts

But you can’t simply choose an influencer and run with it. There are questions you need to ask when it comes to finding a great fit for your influencer marketing.

First, consider who you want to influence. What is your demographic? Moms are more likely to be found on Facebook, while their teenage kids are going to be seen on Snapchat. You can then dive deeper into which influencers fit each platform.

Then, you want to find someone identity aligns with your brand. If you are a budget-friendly travel agency, you will want to look at travel bloggers who do just that. Finding an Instagrammer who stays at luxurious villas that costs a fortune simply doesn’t suit your company. Next, evaluate the numbers at hand. How many followers do they have? What are their engagements like? This is how you’ll be able to estimate potential reach and engagement with the post featuring your product.

Lastly, know that this is a symbiotic relationship between your brand and the influencer. Your product or service should benefit them so that they are inclined to recommend your product to their influencers. Then, your one post may be able to turn into a long-term sponsorship.

Social media influencers can improve your digital marketing strategy exponentially and are worth looking into. If you’re interested in implementing influencer marketing and want to learn more, contact Digital Resource today!

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