Infomercials vs Content Marketing | Why Use Content Marketing?

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I’m sure at one point you have found yourself mindlessly flipping through channels only to become entranced by an infomercial for a product you probably don’t need. Maybe you bought the ‘must have’ kitchen gadget 2.01, or maybe you didn’t. Regardless, you will probably remember that product. And perhaps in the future, you will buy it simply because you had someone explain it to you for 10 minutes. As marketing has evolved into the entity we know today, traditional methods have become outdated. Infomercials have given way to a new facet of marketing called content marketing, and it is directed at the audience. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to content marketing versus infomercials.

why does my business need content marketing instead of infomercials

Know Your Audience

Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience. The purpose of infomercials is to broadly reach any audience who will watch, however, content marketing goes further. The way you approach your audience is crucial to how that message is perceived. You can have all the relevant information presented in the most eloquent way, but if you are not tailoring your content for the tastes of your target audience, your marketing strategy will miss the mark. When considering your content marketing strategy, you need to consider where your audience gets their information. Understand why these outlets are the go-to resource for your audience and work with that information. When you can find the right angle to reach your audience you will be able to formulate a voice that reaches the most users.

Demonstrate Credibility

Your business or brand relies heavily on the opinions of your audience. If you aren’t taking the time to demonstrate your credibility, you may be sending out the wrong message without realizing it. In the past infomercials spent most the time demonstrating to the audience just how great the product is. When Bill Mays expected us to buy his life-altering cleaning products, he proved to us they worked right before right before our eyes. As content marketing has evolved, your business can go above and beyond what infomercials could achieve for your credibility. When you can demonstrate why your business is the correct choice, do so! Establishing this credibility fosters brand loyalty and will continue to improve your content marketing. Surveys and guest reviews are great recourses for your business to begin to develop credibility in your industry.

should my business use content marketing or infomercials

Give Them More

To achieve the traffic you want, it will be beneficial for you to offer more to your audience. You should give your audience a reason to choose you as opposed to your competition. Very rarely when watching an infomercial do they simply sell you their product. Whether they are selling you a lifestyle, or a free vacuum, they are not stopping at their product.

However, we have seen the downside to offering too much through infomercials. When your product is being overshadowed by words, gifts, or other incentives you defeat the purpose of offering more. This isn’t a secret strategy, but an extremely effective aspect of infomercials. If your content marketing strategy is looking to expand its audience reach, give your audience more! People want the most information possible. The more you share about your product, business, and vision, the more you brand your business as what your audience is looking for!

Content Marketing Eliminated the Need for Infomercials

As we have seen marketing evolve in recent years, we can see why content marketing is superior. Infomercials lack the proper audience reach and are overwhelming for information retention. Content marketing effectively puts your business in front of the audience it should be reaching while fostering brand loyalty. Using these techniques you will undoubtedly ramp up your marketing strategy. There is a lot to be learned about content marketing to make an effective strategy. However, having a devoted team to assist your business makes all the difference! We have the experience you need to see results in your online presence. Call us today to learn more and get your free SEO consultation!

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