Instagram for Business | 5 Qualities of a Successful Instagram Story

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When Instagram stories came to be, the world of social media was shaken. Thinking Instagram was stepping on the toes of Snapchat, users of both platforms thought they needed to pick a side. But, users with Instagram for business quickly picked up on the marketing advantages of Instagram stories.

how can instagram stories promote my instagram for business

But, the feature is still fairly new. So, how do you ensure that you’re creating quality content that’ll attract more viewers over time? Here are five easy guidelines to stick to when creating Instagram Stories content:

1. Have a Beginning, Middle & End

When you tell a story, you want it to come full circle. From beginning to end, there should be a properly executed plan that audiences can follow. The same goes for your Instagram stories. Give your followers the quality they deserve.

So, start with a story board. Map out your ideas and establish a plot prior to execution. It can be something as simple as a series of sticky notes spelling out the photo to Boomerang ratio. Or, it can be more complex, touching on detailed topics and scripts. It all depends on what you want to provide your consumers. Give them a sneak peek behind the scenes or feature customers wearing your brand!

2. Have a Color Story

how can stories help instagram for business

All of your social media should be an extension of your brand. When adding details, like text, stick to your brand colors as close as possible. This’ll ensure that existing followers can associate your content with your brand. And, new customers will get a feel for your company instantaneously. Note that this doesn’t have to apply to your actual photo or video, just the supplemental elements.

3. Use On-Photo Text

Before you go on a long chat with your audience, consider where they may be listening. Concise bits of on-photo copy can be the perfect supplement to a video that a viewer may not be listening to. You can ask viewers to turn their volume up, or you can give them context as to what’s going on. Be careful when using the special writing features. Some, like the airbrush option, are not as legible as other choices.

4. Express Your Personality

how do i express personality with instagram for business

Instagram stories give you a little be of leeway to have fun with your audience. If you opt for a behind the scenes strategy, show your group dancing to the music or off-the-cuff moments. If you’re showcasing upcoming products, lay them out when cool props or introduce some humor and lightheartedness. Social media is meant to connect people, and that’s done by introducing others to your personality – including brand identities. Show off what makes your business special!

5. Post Consistently

It’s important to be consistent in your posting. Once you build up a loyal audience, they will know when they can catch your Instagram story at a particular time. You can make a schedule depending on your objective. Maybe you only post on the first Sunday of the month. Or, you make it a Thursday tradition. Either way, your audience will be inclined to stick around and consume your content if they know when to find it.

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