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One of the biggest difficulties for businesses who are starting an online business is gaining exposure since people cannot simply walk past their storefront. Internet marketing is the solution to this problem, and we can prove it.

Gorilla Trades is a proven, market-tested approach to choosing stocks. Gorilla Trade’s online stock picking system has helped investor’s portfolios thrive by taking the guesswork out of investing. This company instructs you exactly where to set stop loss levels and when to harvest profits. But how do they grow their business? How do they tell stock market investors about their service?

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Being solely an online business, they have relied heavily on internet marketing to grow their subscriber base and increase profit. It was important for them to focus on a variety of areas of internet marketing such as search engine optimizations (SEO), social media, and internet ads because the combination of these strategies contribute to Gorilla Trade’s success.

Success Through SEO

Many investors, novice or advanced, go to Google to find stock advice and information. Since majority of people don’t scroll pass the first page of Google and Gorilla Trades relies on people subscribing, it was important for them to focus on search engine optimization. Being found on the first page of Google has greatly increased Gorilla Trades subscribers because it shows the authority and dominance of the company to consumers searching the web. By focusing on the best keywords for the stock market advice industry, we were able to obtain first place spots for Gorilla Trades utilizing our advanced SEO techniques. When Gorilla Trades began, they were not even ranking in the first 1000 pages of Google for any keywords. After researching and determining the best combination of keywords, we were able to build their online presence into the number one spot on Google searches for all of their keywords!

Success Through Social Media

Social media plays an important role in any internet marketing strategy. Social signals contribute to SEO and is an indication to Google that you are a credible, likable source. Gorilla Trades has utilized a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and StockTwits. Since there are so many people around the world on social media, being on different platforms has helped Gorilla Trades reach a maximum number of potential subscribers and increase brand awareness. The pages had to all be built from scratch and just as an example, Gorilla Trade’s Facebook page has exploded in growth to over 16,000 likes. Each post is optimized with keywords and engaging content in order to continue this growth. On average each post reaches over 500 people! This, coupled with internet ads helps the growth of the page.

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Success Through Internet Ads

In addition to a SEO and social media campaign, Gorilla Trades have invested in internet ads through Digital Resource. We manage Facebook and Google Ads in order to accomplish certain campaign goals. Facebook ads can have several different purposes, either taking traffic straight to Gorilla Trades’ website, getting Gorilla Trade App downloads or growing the actual Facebook page with potential customers through targeted ads. Facebook has one of the most advanced targeting system available to businesses today, and with our help, Gorilla Trades has been able to effectively take advantage of this platform in order to grow their online business.

Their Pay-Per-Click advertising has also been beneficial to the growth of Gorilla Trades. Although this form of advertising is more of short term growth mechanism, coupled with long term strategies, PPC is highly advantageous to grow a starting online business. We developed several high return PPC advertising campaigns and constantly optimized the campaigns in order to get the best performance possible.

When you are deciding which marketing strategy your business should invest in, traditional or internet marketing, know that we have proven methods in internet marketing that can take your business to the next level. Gorilla Trades is just one of the many customers we have helped take from no online presence to being the largest online stock picking company. We have helped their subscriptions grow drastically and that is why they have never stopped investing in their internet marketing. To take your business to the next level, visit our internet marketing company online or call us at 561-429-2585. We can help your business’ online presence explode, which will in turn increase revenues and grow your business. Contact us today!  

Jenna graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Alabama and has a tremendous amount of knowledge and marketing experience from her schooling and internship programs. Having handled many clients on numerous occasions, she is customer service oriented and provides assistance in a professional and friendly manner.

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