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For many businesses, email marketing remains one for the backbones of their approach to marketing in general. Here are a few ways you can update your email strategy for the modern era and get the results you need. While Email might be a dinosaur in the digital marketing game, it is certainly still alive and kicking.

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Get your emails to hit closer to home.

One of the simplest mistakes that companies make today with their email marketing strategies is a lack of personalization in the text of the emails. By taking the time to make the effort to personalize the wording f your emails you can greatly improve the ability of the reader to relate to the content and place more trust in the ad and in the brand itself. A perfect example would be the greeting line at the top of the email: instead of addressing your emails to “drear customer” apply a program that will address the reader by name associated with the email account. This is a great way to get someone who might be skeptical of authenticity to open an email in the first place. Establishing trust with potential customers is massively important to any advertising campaign, not just email.


Click Rate

More clicks mean more sales.

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of any digital marketing campaign is getting your click rates to increase. Click rates measure exactly how many people are clicking on your email ads and how many sales actually result from an email that was opened by a subscriber. Improving your click rates will take time and will need to come from many different improvements to your emails, but are essential to the success of your email campaign. While the majority of emails stay unopened, having a measurable click rate is a must. Using the measurements drawn from click data, you can make changes to your strategy so that your campaigns get better with each update, making them slowly gain success with newer subscribers. Click rates don’t always increase at a steady rate but can be more seasonal, due to things like annual sales or seasonal promotions.


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Design Aesthetic

Update your look for the modern age.

Many older companies make the mistake of not updating the design of their emails and leave them the same for years at a time. This can make your emails seem stale and cause people to lose interest. Healthy companies change over time and so updating the look of your emails can be indicative of that change and expansion. Keeping your aesthetic fresh can help your subscribers place more trust in the authenticity and perceived authority of your brand, helping your click rates in the process. Ideally, you want to be conscious of how you are structuring the information on your emails as well. Emails should be presented with the largest font size compared to the other headline if there is some kind of sale or percentage discount included.


Keep ner subscribers rolling in.

Keeping a steady flow of new email subscribers is incredibly important to any email-based advertising strategy. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use email as the basis for creating an account with your company’s webpage, and then using that email list to target ads. As more people create accounts with your page, new subscribers will be added. Even if the majority of the emails are never opened, sending them to new accounts will keep the opening rates from going down over time, allowing you to expand your lists. Gaining new subscriptions with things like special offers have proven to be very effective for many companies that have established subscription bases with millions of accounts, and can be translated to smaller or new companies.



Special offers can go a long way.

Retaining an air of exclusivity can help you to establish a perceived value in your brand. The idea is to get your subscribers to feel as though being a subscriber grants them additional access and privilege to certain promotions and discounts. By offering these regularly in some shape or form you can help create a sense of urgency in staying subscribed to a particular service. This method has proven itself as a great way to get more people to stay subscribed to your email list and to increase the interest generated from email campaigns. Even if you are not able to offer a discount, something like a free t-shirt coupon, for example, could be very effective at establishing a sense of exclusivity to an email list.


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Email marketing might seem like a tough way to gain attention online, but Digital Resource has the skills necessary to supercharge your email campaigns. Give our team a call if you have any questions about email marketing and our process for getting your emails on point. We are here to help you get your digital marketing off the ground.



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