Internet Marketing for Small Business | How to Remove Fake Google Reviews

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Receiving a fake Google review about your business is more common than not and many businesses are unaware of how to remedy the issue. Don’t let fake reviewers get the best of you and affect your business. As a business owner, it is imperative that you respond quickly and concisely to all reviews negative or positive in order to preserve your online reputation. Keep reading to learn how to remove fake Google reviews and understand why internet marketing for small business is important.

how do I work on my internet marketing for small business?
1) Respond to the Review

Even though the review may lack merit, you will still need to respond. If the review is fake you obviously will not be able to resolve the problem but you can still show that you take reviews of your business seriously. The guidelines for responding to a fake Google review would include mentioning:

  1. That your business takes Google reviews seriously
  2. You have no record of the customer
  3. Asking them to contact someone at your business
  4. Leaving an e-mail address so they could get in contact

It is important to remain level-headed and provide a brief and thorough response. How you respond to reviews is a reflection of your business. It is vital that your response is professional. Google has some tips for responding to reviews that are also helpful!

2) Flag the Google Review

When you see a review on Google you’ll notice a little flag icon next to the date that the review was published. The flag appears when your cursor is on the specific review you want to flag. This allows people and business owners to flag specific reviews that do not meet Google’s guidelines and are not helpful. When you click the flag, you will be taken to the policy violation report page and you will fill out the information of the form explaining why this review is fake. An extra measure you can take is to have several other people flag the same review and you may receive a faster response. Usually, the matter will take a few days to be resolved.

3) Contact Google Small Business Support

To contact Google Support, you will need to log into your Google My Business page and fill out the necessary contact fields to mark the fake review. You’ll also attach a screenshot of the review and you should hear back within one to two days. If you need to, it is also possible to tweet them from your company Twitter profile and you might receive a faster response. Internet marketing for small business is an important part of business success so they so they should reach out to your relatively quickly.

4) Explain Your Reasons to Google

When you get in touch with a support agent it will be important that you can detail your reason for contacting them. Some points you might want to include would be:

  1. Why the review is fake
  2. How it violates Google’s policy
  3. Why the review should be removed

After you explain your case the support team they will determine if your case will be reviewed by a specialist. Once the specialist makes their decision you will be contacted by phone or email. They will then tell you if your request was approved or denied.
why is internet marketing for small business important?

Having Trouble with Your Google Reviews? | Internet Marketing for Small Business

Dealing with fake Google reviews can be difficult and time-consuming! If you’re having trouble with your Google reviews and you’re not sure where to start, contact Digital Resource today! We have a team dedicated to internet marketing for small business, including monitoring your Google Business page. Call us today to speak with an internet marketing specialist about your business needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

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