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Retargeting is an important part of any internet marketing strategy. While you want to bring in fresh, new leads, return customers are essential as well. These people provide a lot of value for your business. So, you need to understand who your demographic is in order to target them efficiently and effectively. Keep reading to learn how the latest Google Analytics update can do just that:

What Is the New Google Analytics Update?

You may not have heard of it because they’ve kept it hush-hush, but Google Analytics released a feature called “Audiences”. And, it’s looking like it’ll be useful for businesses as it develops. This is a type of report that can analyze a website’s audiences. And, you can customize it to watch certain demographics.

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What Will “Audiences” Analyze?

In order for “Audiences” to work, you need to set certain dimensions. You can set a pre-defined condition, including new and returning visitors, past buyers, visitors that only viewed a certain section, and more. Once these are established, Google Analytics will collect data.

Acquisition will be the volume of users an audience generates and how much potential there is for them to be new business. Behavior tracks how engaging a site is for a certain audience. This examines bounce rate, pages per session, and time spent on a site. Lastly, it will track conversions – how an audience performs when reaching completion and transaction goals.

How Can I Target My Online Audience?

Staying in touch with who your audience is can do your business a world of good. Knowing their age, their location, their family life, and so forth can give you a lot of insight. You can then use language, images, video, and more that appeal to this audience. And while A/B testing isn’t as popular as it once was, focus groups can sometimes still be beneficial.

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