Internet Marketing in Lantana | Misconceptions About Google Algorithm

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We all use Google. We use it to search for movie times and restaurants. Sometimes we even use it to look for businesses. Do we actually know how it works though? For the amount of time we spend on Google, you would think we would be experts. That’s not the case for many of us though. Let’s take a look at a few misconceptions that are out there about Google as it pertains to internet marketing in Lantana.

Meta Keywords Are Important

For those that don’t know, meta keywords are the keywords that are listed in the source code of a web page. There was a time when search engines would read those keywords and rank a page accordingly. Those days are long gone though. In fact, Google has been ignoring them for nearly a decade now. In today’s world, they serve no purpose.

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Clicking Your Link Will Get It to Rank Higher

We really aren’t sure where this “theory” came from. However, enough people think it’s true that it needs to be addressed. These people click their link because they think that Google adjusts the listings based on which sites are clicked the most. If that was the case, any website could get themselves ranked at the top of Google. The only organic way to improve your ranking is through SEO.

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Are You Interested in Internet Marketing in Lantana?

There is a lot of wrong information on the internet when it comes to internet marketing. That’s why it’s important to team with people that know what they are doing. If you are someone who thinks you could benefit from working with an internet marketing team, consider us at Digital Resource. We are industry leaders in the field of internet marketing and we can prove it. Contact us today to learn more.

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