Internet Marketing Strategy | Is Voice Command the Future of Online Searches?

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Remember in the 2000s when everyone got those nifty earpieces that allowed them to talk on the phone handsfree without speakerphone? Nine out of ten times, you’d think they’re talking to you – except they weren’t. Well, history was bound to repeat itself. Nowadays, using voice command in public is becoming increasingly popular. So, should you keep that in mind when formulating an internet marketing strategy?

Absolutely. As the year goes on, voice command and voice search are going to continue to grow in popularity. This is going to impact how your business needs to approach search engine optimization. In a recent study, analysts found that people are less likely to use voice search at home.

how do i optimize my internet marketing strategy for voice

In fact, upwards of 35 percent of users will call on voice search on public transportation. Approximately 30 percent will use it at a restaurant alone or in the office with coworkers. And, over 20 percent of people will even perform a voice search in a public restaurant.

Overall, 60 percent of respondents said that they use voice search because it is convenient. Also, sources report that Siri handles more than a billion requests per week. So, if someone is looking for the product or service your business offers, you’ll want to be the first for Siri, Google, or any other platform suggests.

How Do I Optimize for Voice Search?

Your keywords and phrases are still relevant when it comes to voice search optimization. However, they need to be more conversational. That’s because written requests tend to be more succinct compared to longer-winded, spoken questions. Also, going forward with the fact that most use voice search for convenience, the search result will need to be convenient. This means providing users with condensed and easily identifiable information. So, keep your keywords conversational. Opt for quick blogs or an FAQ page, and always be sure to claim your business on Google.

how is voice search changing my internet marketing strategy

Does Your Internet Marketing Strategy Consider Voice Search?

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