Jacksonville Email Marketing | What Should My Welcome Email Say?

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With more than 144 billion emails sent each day, email marketing is more powerful than ever. It helps attract new clients, nurture potential clients, and keep existing clients loyal. In fact, studies show that your business can get a return on investment of $38 for every $1 you invest in Jacksonville email marketing.

That means it is essential for your business to launch an effective email marketing campaign. But initiating an email marketing campaign can be awkward for businesses inexperienced in internet marketing. So, what should you put in that first email for success? Keep reading to find out!

Your Jacksonville Email Marketing Should:

Say Why You’re the Best


How can I craft a welcome email for jacksonville email marketing?

It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in. As a business, there is something that you provide to your customers that there is a need for. Whether it’s products or services, you would not be in business if you didn’t think you could provide them better than your competitors.

Now, you shouldn’t come off a salesperson in your Jacksonville email marketing. Your business should come be relatable and not pushy. Don’t try to persuade your subscribers to buy what you offer. Instead, explain the motivations that drive your business. Whatever inspires your business to exist and be better than your competitors is what should inspire your customers to buy from you. Share your experiences in your welcome email. Give your customers a glimpse of what they can learn from your business and what change they can expect from employing your services.

Invite Communication

Your welcome email should lay out what your customers can expect from you. Not only should it say what you can offer them, but also what they can expect in terms of engagement. It is given that the best contact information for your business should be included. However, you should also include where they can find you on social media.

Additionally, try asking a question to show your customer you are open to a dialogue. By opening a conversation loop, you invite feedback and are able to peek directly into what your subscriber needs. This gives your business insight to the content and products you can possibly offer them. Questions can be simple. But, try to be specific to your industry.

Leave a question in your postscript of your email then be prepared to get replies! Respond to as many replies as you as possible to start nurturing your audience early on.

Entice and Intrigue

Like any good movie, book, or other forms of media, adding something in your welcome email to hook the reader will help keep them interested. Use your first email as an opportunity to get your customers coming back for more. Mention if you do any exclusive email offers or product sneak peeks. Or simply state that the next email will be revealing about one of your products or services. Just remember to live up to your tease. Ensure that you close the loop in the next email or don’t leave them hanging too long.

Be Personalized

What can help my Jacksonville email marketing?

When you check your mailbox at home, does it bother you when your mail says “current resident” instead of your name? Studies show that businesses who exceeded revenue projections used personalization in emails 78% of the time.

If you have the tools to do so, personalize your Jacksonville email marketing, especially your welcome email. Unless you’re marketing to a culture that values formality, start your marketing email with the first name of the prospect, followed by a comma. No honorific (like “Mr.”) and no “Dear…” Write as if to a colleague or friend. Remember that the goal is to seem relatable. The friendlier your business is, the more apt a customer will be to back you and buy your products.

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