Jacksonville Facebook Ads | What Metrics Should I Be Tracking?

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If you are dishing out cold hard cash for Jacksonville Facebook ads, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of them that you can. Facebook tracks particular metrics for you that can later be used as quantitative data to make decisions.

Here are six Facebook ad metrics you should be tracking on your own to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck:


Impressions equal the total amount of times your advertisement was shown. This is the overarching metric. It simply shows that your content is being consumed by people around the social media platform. This is where you should start. In order to create quality data, you will want to go more in depth.

Video Views:

If you have chosen to promote a video, you obviously will want to see how many people are watching. However, there are different levels of video viewing. First, you will want the broad number: How many people are viewing your video? This will account for every view for three seconds or longer. Then, you can look at how many people viewed your video up to 75 percent. This is practically watching it all the way through.

Then, you should calculate the average percentage of people who viewed your video compared to how many people the ad reached. This’ll give you a better idea of how interesting your content is to a user as they scroll through. Just think – If this number is low, you may want to adjust your content accordingly.

Amount Spent:

It is so important to constantly be aware of how much money you are spending. If you’re putting a lot of your budget into Facebook ads only to receive the minimal return on investment, you will want to rethink your strategy. A lower price tag may be worth it at the end of the ad run time. You can figure this out by comparing your amount spent to the amount of any other metric.

what should i be tracking with jacksonville facebook ads

Link Clicks:

Link clicks will show you how many people are consuming your media then taking a step further. This shows that your media had some sort of impact on them. This also shows how many potential leads you are generating via the advertisement. Plus, you can then analyze where they are visiting on your site. And ultimately, the more traffic to your site, the better your Search Engine Optimization can be!


These are how many have consumed your ad and invested time or money or energy in your product service. Your type of lead generation depends on what your main goal is. This is a telltale sign of how well your advertisement is doing. You can also compare a number of your leads to other metrics, such as impression or clicks.

Cost per Lead:

This is the king of all metrics. This is your return on investment. How many leads did you generate via your Jacksonville Facebook ad? Then, how does that number compare to how much money you paid for the ad? These are the numbers that your coworkers will want to see in the next meeting!

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