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The benefits of advertising on Facebook are clear. 95% of businesses that market on Facebook have stated that the social media platform gave them the best return on investment over all other platforms. Additionally, being able to target your audience by location, gender, interests, and so much more means that your money isn’t being wasted. Its customer targeting coupled with its cost-effectiveness makes it an excellent resource for your business. Read the following tips from a Jacksonville Facebook advertising company to get started with your Facebook Ads.

Can a Jacksonville Facebook advertising company tell me how to get started with ads?

3 Steps to Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

Knowing Your Marketing Objective

Your marketing objective is what you want people to do when they see your ads. There are three types of marketing objectives to choose from; Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions.

First, Awareness generates interest in your product or service. Meanwhile, Consideration gets people thinking about your business and looking for more information. Lastly, Conversions encourages people interested in your business to purchase your product or services. Knowing the goals of your Facebook Ads and your marketing objective will help you throughout your ad campaigns.

Defining Your Audience

Finding the right audience is critical for a successful Facebook Ad. It’s most beneficial to be as specific as possible. In addition to location, age, and gender, go even further to target your audience based on interests and behaviors under “Detailed Targeting”.

Try to avoid using generic interests such as ‘food’ or ‘nature’. Instead, choose brands, books, websites, or other Facebook pages that are available. Furthermore, use the “Connections” option to reach people who have some sort of connection to your page.

Setting Up a Budget

You will need to determine how much you will spend every day. Some days you’ll spend more than others. Then, figure out the maximum amount of money you plan to spend in total over the course of an ad. Facebook can spread that across the period that your Facebook Ad is live. Also, remember that you can schedule your ad to run continuously or within a start and end date.

Which Jacksonville Facebook advertising company can help my business?

Getting Your Ads Running with a Jacksonville Facebook Advertising Company

After all of the above has been set, you are ready to design your ads. Once your ad goes live, you will need to pay attention to your Facebook Ad’s Reports to optimize their efficiency.

Facebook Ads are complex and can be difficult to get started. If you need assistance with your Facebook Ads, contact Digital Resource! Our online marketing agency has a dedicated staff that knows how to get results from Facebook Ads and grow your business.

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