Jacksonville Google Advertising Company | How Do I Manage My Ads?

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is not something you set up and then forget about. To maximize your return on investment, you must manage all the details of your ad campaigns closely. Take a look at this timeline suggested by a Jacksonville Google advertising company to truly make the most of your budget and Google Ads.

6 Important Checkpoints for Your Google Ads


During the planning phase, you will outline your key performance indicators and set budgets for your spending against your cost per click. You’ll also think about how you’ll target conversions and determine how your progress will be measured.

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Once your ads go live, you’ll want to monitor your budgets daily. To do this, see how your spending stacks up against your conversions. From there, you can adjust the bids of your top performers and poor converters.


Monitor how your keywords are performing in searches on a weekly scale. Additionally, it is on a weekly basis that you will want to check how to adjust your bids for mobile versus desktop performance.

Every Two Weeks

Look at your impressions for missed opportunities. This is helpful for revisiting your ad groups and creating new ads at this time. Depending on what you learn from your impression, you can split, narrow, and refine your ad groups. Then, create new ads based on this.


The month-long mark is the perfect time to look at your overall analytics and fix any poor visitor metrics. At this time, re-evaluate any keywords that have averaged low rankings across the entire month. Do some research on subbing them out with new and better keywords. It is also monthly that you will want to analyze the performance of your site links. Consequently, you will need to add and remove site links as necessary.

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Every quarter, refine the copy on your landing pages in order to improve your conversion rate. Look at your geo targets and adjust your bids based on prior location performance, as well. Most importantly, remember to go over all monthly reports and compare.

Need a Jacksonville Google Advertising Company to Manage Your Ads?

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