Jacksonville Google AdWords | What Mistakes Am I Making?

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Is your business interested in increasing website traffic with paid ads? That’s great! Google AdWords has evolved as a resource for online businesses to gain leverage on their competition. Based on what you are willing to invest, you can see real success from campaigns. There is a tremendous amount of businesses online today, and an influx of content from every network. Taking the initiative to increase your traffic with Jacksonville Google AdWords will generate a huge return on investment that your business cannot afford to miss. Many Google AdWords campaigns begin with the best intentions but fall flat due to limited experience.  If your initial campaign did not produce the results you were looking for, consider these questions for improvement:

What Mistakes am I Making with Google AdWords

Are My Keywords Too Broad?

If you’re a small business aiming to compete online, it’s important to know your worth. Trying to rank for broad keywords that large companies are already successful with will spell disaster for your online marketing strategy. For example, while you may be in the finance industry, successfully ranking on the first page with ‘finance’ as a keyword is close to impossible. This is due to the competition for this word. Even if your business wins the bid for this keyword, it is unlikely you will see revenue that will justify the cost of this keyword. There are many tools available today that will help you choose quality keywords for your business. Expand your campaign to include these keywords only if you can prove a positive return on investment. Otherwise, this is a waste of your business’ time and resources.

Do I Have Too Many Keywords?

The problem of not being able to rank with your keyword choice is an obvious problem. It is important to also consider if you are using too many keywords. It doesn’t do your business any good to overload your Jacksonville Google AdWords account with keywords. When it comes to ad groups, you should consider 20-25 well-chosen words. If you have organized your account efficiently, using fewer keywords will provide better results. Running your camping with more words will drain your budget, and Google will shut your ads off once this happens. Therefore, your page will not receive traffic, even though you spent time and effort on crafting a huge list of words to rank for. Remember, as with most things in life, less is more when it comes to keyword choice.

Do I Know Who I’m Competing Against?

If your business has not taken the time to investigate who your competition is, you are missing out on extremely valuable insight. Consider what keywords they are using and if it is best to compete against these words. Pay-per-click is highly competitive and without taking the time to know who you are up against, you can be wasting your time and money with Google AdWords.

What Mistakes am I Making with Google AdWords

Do I Need Assistance with Jacksonville Google AdWords?

Consider making a few adjustments to your Jacksonville AdWords campaign. You will see a dramatic return on investment from your efforts. Increasing traffic to your web page is an ongoing process that requires careful planning and execution. If you feel overwhelmed with Google AdWords, trust a devoted team to assist you. Contact Digital Resource today to learn how we can assist you with your Google AdWords strategy!

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