Jacksonville Live Chat | 5 Basics You Need to Know About Live Chat

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Jacksonville Live Chat is the future of lead generation. But building trust between the business and the customer, quality relationships can be established, which ultimately can lead to quality acquisitions. If you are new to Live Chat though, it can get a little overwhelming as chats being to come in.

If you are looking to generate more leads with Live Chat, there are a few basics that can help streamline your chat process. Here are five tips to getting the most out of your Live Chat service:

Collecting Proper Information

what information is needed to generate a lead with jacksonville live chat

Success with Live Chat lies in the information you obtain from potential customers. If you’re able to get a full name, number, email address, and even a company name, you’ve generated a quality lead. However, it’s all too often that someone will fail to give all of their contact information or simply be unresponsive to your prompting. In that case, still pass along any information you’ve received. You never know what may come from it!

Tagging Your Chats

At the bottom of each chat, there is a “Tag a Chat” button. You’re able to choose from a variety of labels. They range from lead or not lead to a complaint and positive feedback. This type of organization allows you to track patterns among your potential clients and leads generated. You can then refer back to past chats and use similar responses in particular situations.

Checking Tickets

What happens to Live Chat after hours? Rather than having a representative commanding the windows, it turns into a simple contact form. This creates a ticket that sends to your Live Chat. You are then able to come into work the following morning and check any tickets you may have.

You can have open, pending or solved tickets. So, if a ticket is open, you simply respond how you would if it were a Live Chat. And, if a chat pends for three days, an auto-update will be sent to prompt the chatter to reply or resolve the chat. Don’t forget to check tickets because you never know what leads may lie in there!

Using Canned Responses

why should my business invest in jacksonville live chat

Canned responses can change the Live Chat game for you. If you find yourself answer the same question or concern multiple times a week, you can have an autofill response. This keeps you from having to type out the same thing continuously. For example, if you find yourself typing the same “thank you” response, you can set a canned response that auto-fills after typing “#thanks.”

You can either set a canned response in your settings, or you can hover over a sent response and click the small icon that appears. Ultimately, this will speed up your response rate and make your time with Live Chat more efficient.

Want to Learn About Jacksonville Live Chat for Your Business?

Digital Resource dedicates its time and experience to generating quality leads for your business. If you’re looking to implement a Jacksonville Live Chat service, contact us today to learn how we can assist!

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