Jacksonville Maps Optimization | How Does Map Optimization Work?

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Google Maps is much more than a means of getting around without writing down or asking for directions. With Jacksonville Maps optimization, your business can become easier to find.

Many businesses simply claim a Google My Business listing and provide only the most cursory or incomplete information. This results in far less visibility and a poorer overall Google Maps ranking.

Here’s a list of tactics that you can use to make Maps optimization work best for you!

Use Complete Address Information

Getting your address right might seem like the easiest part of your Google My Business listing, but you’d be surprised by how many businesses get this wrong. When entering your address into your Google My Business profile, ensure that you use the exact same address information used by the USPS or applicable postal service where your business operates. This includes room, suite, or subdivision information, a full nine-digit zip code, and anything else that makes your business easier to find. Be sure to check for erroneous spaces and other formatting errors, as even slight mistakes in address formatting can interfere with your Google Maps ranking.

What goes into Jacksonville Maps optimization?

Also, check that your address is actually being displayed in your Maps listing. In your Google My Business settings, there is a checkbox that states whether you would like your address information to be displayed. This should almost always be checked.

Get Your Google My Business Listing Verified

Getting your Google My Business listing verified should be on your to-do list. Google may require your business to verify by mail. If this is the case, your verification can take up to a couple of weeks. However, the reward of better Jacksonville Maps optimization will be completely worth it.

Set Categories Relevant to Your Business

Many businesses only state their primary category when creating their Google My Business profile, which is a huge optimization opportunity missed. Although you’re required to list your primary category in order to actually create your Google My Business listing, you should include additional categories that are relevant to your business. This step is especially important if your company offers a wide range of related services. The more information you provide Google, the more accurate – and optimized – your business listing on Maps will be.

Optimize Your Introduction

Your Google My Business Introduction is a summary of your company, the products and services you offer, and what sets you apart from the competition. Many businesses don’t bother to take the time to fill in this information. But, it is a huge missed optimization opportunity. Don’t make this mistake.

You can also insert links to relevant pages on your site in your Introduction. However, be careful not to cram too many links and keywords. Not only does it look bad, but your Introduction could be denied since it may be subject to Google’s editorial standards. Use relevant keywords in your Introduction, but take the time to craft a well-written, compelling Introduction written with searchers in mind.

How can Jacksonville Maps optimization work for my business?

Include Photos in Your Google My Business Listing

Google Maps is very much a visual platform. Businesses with listings on Google that include photos are much more appealing than those without. Additionally, users can scroll down listings to see more pictures of your businesses. This can be crucial if ambiance is important to your establishment.

Not only does having the images themselves increase your visibility, but they are another optimization opportunity. Optimization of images can be accomplished by adding metadata to make them as optimized as possible. You might consider adding to the metadata your business’s physical address, latitude and longitude, country tags, keywords relevant to your business, or comments about relevant services offered at your location.

Be Patient with Your Jacksonville Maps Optimization

Like with many digital optimization efforts, improving your visibility on Google Maps can take time. There are no quick hacks or overnight fixes. Even if you use all of the tactics above, it may still take a while for your business’ visibility to improve in Google Maps. Just stay on top of your optimization and keep your information and profile current.

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