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We are living in an age where customers are empowered more than ever. This is a time when a single Facebook post, tweet, or Google Review can dramatically impact your business. While a positive customer review broadcasted online has the potential to reach more people than a Super Bowl ad, a negative one can spread even broader and faster. This is why a Jacksonville online marketing company can assist your business. Managing your reviews and online reputation can prevent your business from disastrous effects of negative reviews.

How does a Jacksonville online marketing comapny say to handle reviews online?

What Can My Business Do to Avoid Bad Reviews?

There are a few strategies that your business can implement in order to combat bad reviews before they even happen. First, you can start by following up with customers immediately after sales. Generating an automatic email to your customer after a purchase is one easy way to put this into action and guarantee satisfaction.

In the event that your customer is dissatisfied, their ability to complain should be as easy as possible. Now, you may be thinking that this sounds counterintuitive. However, you must trust that this is necessary. Nothing makes a frustrated customer angrier than not having an outlet to express that frustration. Not having a system in place to deal with customer complaints also causes a customer’s anger to escalate. That is when negative reviews are left. Although, bad reviews can still be avoided if the follow-up is handled properly.

Try to make a complaint form very obvious on your site. In addition, train your staff to receive any complaint, avoid being defensive, and resolve issues immediately. The most important thing to remember is that following up quickly to resolve complaints will help your business to thrive. Sometimes, the resolution of an issue can result in a customer leaving a positive review of your business online.

Which Jackson online marketing company can help me manage my business reputation online?

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