Jacksonville SEO | The Ultimate Beginner’s SEO Checklist

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It can be difficult starting down the road to better Jacksonville SEO. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with this handy list of SEO items to keep in check.

Do the Following for Great Jacksonville SEO:

Conduct Research

How can I get started with Jacksonville SEO?

When beginning your journey for better Jacksonville SEO, the first thing you want to do is research. You’ll want to conduct market research to see how you measure up to your competitors, as well as research your niche. This process is directly related to keywords you choose and implement in your SEO.

After getting a handle on the keywords you should use, assess your website. Use website crawlers to “crawl” your site for errors, broken links, and the like. It is recommended that you use webmaster tools to fix any SEO related errors.

Create On-Page SEO

It is highly recommended that you have a professional service assist you in optimizing your website if you are inexperienced in web design. Items like your site navigation and meta tags can be tricky. Attempting to optimize performance by compressing images or making your site mobile-friendly without the help of a web designer can do more harm than good for your Jacksonville SEO.

On the other hand, you can start optimizing your content. When reviewing your content:

  • Check that it is not duplicated in another place on your website.
  • Review your visual design. Make sure to utilize a multimedia approach, using both written blogs and images or videos.
  • Optimize the size of media to be mobile friendly and suitable for all social media platforms.
  • Add tags, appropriate titles, and optimized ALT text for images and videos.
  • Make sure that your keywords are included throughout.
  • Include internal links in your content posts, as well as links to outbound, trusted sources.
  • Check that your content is easy to read.
  • Make sure content is refreshed and new content is added regularly once you have started posting.
  • Check that your URLs incorporate primary keywords.

Off-Page SEO

What off-page Jacksonville SEO will help my business?

There are many reasons to hire a professional team for your off-page Jacksonville SEO, as well. For example, locating and repairing broken links that lead to your page can get be challenging. But again, there are some things that you can try before a professional marketing team assists you. Consider doing the following to get your SEO running:

  • Set up alerts for your business to see when you are mentioned on the internet.
  • Network and build relationships with other industry professionals and publishers. This will help your business to gain the possibility of being featured on other websites. You’ll receive better search rankings as a result.
  • Get on social media! SEO and social media marketing go together like bread and butter. They work in synchronicity to give you the best search engine rankings and get the word out about your business.
    • Be present on every large social media platform, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It doesn’t hurt to be active on LinkedIn, also.
    • Make sure your profiles are thorough, with enough general information about your business, what it provides, and the best ways to be contacted. Then add social sharing buttons to your website. You want your customers to be able to share content on your social media, as well as directly from your blog.
    • Maintain an active status on social media by remembering to share content across all channels.
    • Every post on social media should include a well-crafted caption to accompany it. Your captions should relate to the keywords within your content.

Does Jacksonville SEO still have you feeling overwhelmed? If so, reach out to our dedicated team that can assist you with all of your online marketing needs. Digital Resource has just what you need to conquer SEO challenges and get you to the top of search results!

Tayler is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University where she studied multimedia journalism, English, and psychology. She brings extensive writing knowledge to our team and over ten years of customer service experience. Tayler is ready to provide businesses with quality content that helps to build consumer satisfaction and rapport.

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