Jacksonville Social Media Marketing | How Can I Market to Millennials?

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Millennials make up the largest population group in the United States. That means it is crucial for your Jacksonville social media marketing strategy caters to the generation in some ways.

Instead of product and service advertisements, millennials want e-books, blog posts, videos, and how-to information. 84% of them don’t trust traditional advertising. But, they are 247% more likely to be influenced by blogs or social-networking sites. An inbound marketing strategy that reflects these statistics can take your business far. Keep reading to learn how to turn Generation Y into some major profit.

3 Ways to Use Jacksonville Social Media Marketing for Millennial Leads

1. Tailor Content Posts to Them

Younger demographics gravitate toward online videos more than any other medium, which is especially true with millennials. 60% of millennials are engaged in uploading videos, images, and blog entries to the Web. Adding video to your company website and social media posts open up new SEO routes to market to Gen Y.

Millennials are also known for valuing uniqueness and individuality. They want to stand out in as many ways as possible. If you can’t offer them customizable products, then try to focus your social media marketing strategy on customizing customer experience on your social media platforms. Offer posts directed toward as many different types of millennials as possible, making them feel you respect their individuality and celebrate it.

When promoting your products and services through social media, know that millennials don’t care about bargains as much as value. They don’t respond well to salesy gimmicks or free offers. Since millennials don’t like traditional advertising, focus on writing valuable content to endorse your products and services. Content that is informational and actionable is the key. If you provide information that helps them, they are more likely to think positively about your brand. Investing more in content than advertising is advantageous. By doing this you can make millennials more aware of what you do and the value you create. This will help you build a community around your business that they feel a part of.

2. Engage Them in Your Mission

Does Jacksonville social media marketing work on millennials?

Authentic content is empowering to millennials. A great way to appeal to millennials on social media is to express your company’s vision. Your mission should be to elicit an emotional response to your brand. Millennials want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Your Jacksonville social media marketing strategy should include showing why you do what you do and why they should be a part of the cause as a consumer. If you are able to add a social-impact element as part of your social media, you are sure to win hearts and minds of millennials. initiatives.

3. Consider Collaboration

How can Jacksonville social media marketing get millennial leads?

Millennials consume mass amounts of social media daily from different companies on different platforms that specialize in different products and services. Of course, collaborating with other businesses is always a good idea in order to widen your audience. But also consider working with influential people in your business niche. For example, a local dentist can be endorsed by a model with great teeth in a video post. Or a baker can talk about their gluten free baked goods and the benefits of a gluten free diet in a post that features a known food critic. Instead of creating all the conversation around your business by yourself, consider working with social media influencers and those who can make you more credible in the eyes of your audience.

Another option is to work with millennials themselves. 42% say they are interested in helping companies develop future products and services. As mentioned earlier, millennials want to be separated from the masses. So, think about giving them a chance to be a part of some of your creative processes. Post on social media that you want their opinions and feedback and you will notice a trend in increased online participation.

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