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Hashtags have had a lengthy history but have seen an increase in use in the past 10 years with the use of hashtags on many social media platforms. Hashtags are now one of the most popular ways to connect similar ideas together. It is important that your Jupiter social media strategy includes the use of hashtags. This will help to increase your social media presence and gain new customers. Keep reading for the history of hashtags and how they are used!

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1960’s – The symbol enters the tech world to denote telephone numbers.

1978 – The # is first used in programming language and is later adopted by other programming languages.

1993 – IRC online communication systems use the # to precede the names of chat groups and topics.

9/23/2007 – Chris Messina proposes a system for tagging and tracking topics on Twitter. Three days later Stowe Boyd calls the # symbol a “hashtag” and the name sticks.

2007 – People use Twitter to get updates on the San Diego fires but because of the spacing in words this proves to be difficult. Messina then suggests using hashtags without spaces.

2009 – The hashtag gains world popularity and the word “hashtag” shows in Google results. Twitter officially adopts the hashtag by hyperlinking all #’s to Twitter search results.

2010 – “Trending Topics” hit the Twitter homepage which displayed popular hashtags.

2013 – Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake create a hashtag skit for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as a parody of hashtag overuse.

2014 – Many social media sites now support the use of hashtags.


How Are They Used Now?


This is the standard usage on Twitter and other social media platforms. Hashtags are used to categorize content so others interested in a topic can find other people posts on the same topic. This collects like-minded thoughts together creating an open forum.


Conferences and Events

Hashtags are perfect for large conferences and events to relay information to attendees. Updating people on the event through Twitter is another way to engage your audience. Using an official hashtag at an event makes it easier for everyone to connect and people who couldn’t attend feel a part of the conversation.


Twitter Chats

Used to have real-time conversations and discussions. Chat hosts set a specific time and hashtag to talk about any topic and have people all over the world weigh in. Most times these are used for specialists in a specific field to share information with other like-minded individuals.



Hashtags are often used for funny photos and videos. They relay how a person is reacting to a funny joke. #fail is a popular hashtag for people trying to make light of something funny that happened to them.


Brand Campaigns

Many large corporations now use a certain hashtag for their brand campaigns to generate awareness. This gets people involved with the brand and the idea is that the more that people engage the more that they sell.

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What’s Next for My Jupiter Social Media Strategy?

Learning the right hashtag formula for your business can be an overwhelming task. So many conversations online are started by hashtags and it is hard to determine where your business fits. Hire the best Social Media Strategy company, Digital Resource! We work with many clients to amplify their social media presence. Contact our social media specialists today to start your Jupiter social media strategy!




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