Last Minute Ways to Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays Online!

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You may be wondering why the title says “last minute” and that’s because your business should really be at the holiday-ready point by now! 25% of shoppers said they had done some of their holiday shopping even before Halloween. We’ve already passed a big one for certain industries; hopefully you’re not in costume sales, looking to get things set up now!

But it’s not too late for any business! There are some last minute techniques you can implement immediately, so that going forward you can capture all of the holiday shoppers that would be interested in your service or product.

Get Your Business Mobile Optimized

There is a new phenomenon called “I-want-to-buy-moments” and it happens when inspiration randomly strikes consumers and they just want to buy something. It can happen at any time, day or night, and this phenomenon has been allowed to happen because of the wide availability of mobile devices.

Optimize your website for mobile!

Consumers have access to their mobile device constantly, and they may be walking down a street or laying in bed at night and they all of a sudden remember a great gift idea for so and so. So they grab their smart phone or tablet, look it up online and before they can forget again, they hit the buy button. Almost no planning, no research, just a thought and an action. You definitely want your business to be at the end of that search! Such a quick and easy sale, who wouldn’t want to make it?!

In order to make that sale though, your business has to be easily accessible via a mobile device! Websites that still are not responsively designed are going to suffer during this time. 53% of the shoppers who shopped online used their smart phones or tablets. And it takes a consumer just a couple seconds to determine if the website is user friendly or if they will move on to the next result, your potential competitor! If you don’t capture that audience in the first couple seconds that they are on your site, that moment will pass and you will lose your consumer’s “I-want-to-buy-moment” to your competition!

Create a Promotions Plan

Look at your business’ numbers from previous holiday seasons and after some analysis, set goals for yourself. You want to make X amount in November and Y amount in December. With those numbers in mind, create a promotions and discount campaign! You know your business and you know what you can sell your products or services for in order to attract customers and still meet your goals.

Have a online marketing plan in place for the holiday season so you don't lose any business!

Your promotions plan should be a detailed marketing plan explaining what your discounts and deals will be, how you will be reaching your clients, the budget in order to meet your goals, how you will reward or gift your loyal customers (it is the holiday season after all) and finally, specify what actions you’ll be taking to accomplish this goal each day until the season comes to an end. You know your numbers so the first step is for you to tackle, but there are very specific channels that you’ll want to take advantage of to capture your clients.

There are two different searches that will lead to your business. Either a consumer knows about you and is specifically seeking you out or they are looking for whatever you offer and don’t know you’re the right option for them yet. Either way, social media marketing will help with either one of those searches. If they know you, when they find you, you want to make a good impression. If they are looking for your product or service, being connected in social media marketing, utilizing social media advertisements, like Facebook Ads, and relevant hashtags will all bring people to your business’ digital storefront!

A new social media trend that really took off last holiday season was product videos on YouTube. So another last minute tool you can take advantage of is content creation in the form of videos! 80% of consumers watched product reviews on YouTube and 68% of consumers preferred product videos from everyday people versus expert videographers. So it’s an inexpensive and advantageous technique that will make the consumer more informed and happier about your business!

Another tool, that will mainly be useful in reaching previous or loyal customers, is email marketing. Email marketing was reportedly the number one driver of online sales on Black Friday 2014. Take advantage of your email list and make sure that the customers that know you, know what promotions you have going on and when. An email can even inspire a “I-Want-to-buy-moment” and give you a sale just like that!

Yes, your business should have all these plans in place already, but it’s not too late for you to take advantage of the holiday season! Call Digital Resource, our internet marketing agency in West Palm Beach, to get your business’ online marketing in place in record time! That way you won’t lose any business this holiday season! You can call us at 561-429-2585 or visit us online today!

With a business degree from Florida Atlantic University, Julie has years of experience advertising and marketing for several businesses including real estate brokerages and photography companies. She brings her background in writing, graphic design and communications, as well as her experience in the field, when assisting clients with their internet marketing needs. She treats every client with the upmost level of professionalism and care, ensuring everyone who works with Digital Resource has a smile throughout the process!

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