Learn How to Expand Brand Awareness with an Effective Press Release

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  • 78% of content marketers incorporate press release services into their content strategy.
  • 44% of journalists say that press releases are the most trustworthy source of brand-related information.
  • 61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.


The press release is not dead. In fact, it’s the key to good public relations for your business. Press releases allow you to reach media outlets, journalists, and other potential supporters in your industry by keeping them updated on your company’s successes and new endeavors.

What is obsolete is the dense and lackluster press release of old. Just like with any other digital content you’re putting out, press releases should offer an engaging, newsworthy story that compels people to engage further with your brand.

This is ultimately how writing an effective press release can help improve your digital marketing strategy: it’s another great way to help you gain new leads in potential customers. Press releases can increase your search visibility on search engines (i.e. Google and Safari), increase user views, and drive user engagement with your digital content.

Key Benefits of Press Releases

There are many other important benefits of press releases in relation to increasing brand awareness. By this we mean expanding your brand’s reach, not only for potential customers, but also to build up credibility for you within your industry.

Writing an effective press release:

  • Ensures the media and public know your latest news
  • Is a great way to get media coverage
  • Helps to build your brand’s reputation
  • Creates backlinks from media sources (an added SEO proponent)

Press releases are also cost-effective: you just have to set aside the time to write it! Still, hiring a professional digital marketing company to write your press releases for you will ensure that your message is communicated the most successfully.

When You Should Send Out Press Releases

Now that we’ve established the purpose of a press release, let’s take a look at when it’s appropriate (and even crucial) to write one:

News Announcements

Your company’s news announcements are always grounds for a press release. These are typically shorter, but no less important when communicating with your audience, which is made up of existing customers, potential customers, media, and those within your industry.

Launching a New Service or Product

If you are releasing a new product, or adding a service you will be offering, you definitely want that news to travel far and wide. This can generate leads and sales, and if you offer it, pre-sales.

Upcoming Events

Announcing upcoming events and business gatherings is important if you want them to be successful. Along with social media, email blasts, and other digital strategies, press releases are a great way to advertise.


If your business is receiving recognition through an award, or any other accomplishment your company has achieved, a press release can not only get that message out there, but also act a digital archive of those accomplishments.

New Member of Your Team

Announcing a new hire (or an employee’s promotion) shows the world you are a growing business. Be sure to include your employee’s name, their new title, their bio, and even how you believe they will be an asset to your company.

Managing a Crisis

When situations arise that could potentially impact your business negatively, it’s best to get in front of it. A press release is an effective way to do just that.

Writing an Effective Press Release

When it comes to writing an effective press release, it’s important to note that this is not a sales pitch. It shouldn’t be overly self-aggrandizing, or promise anything your company can’t reasonably fulfill. However, the topic of your press release should be newsworthy, as well as relevant to your business and industry.

The basic press release structure is rather formulaic:

  • Date
  • Headline
  • City, State, Location
  • Body
  • Boilerplate

Always date your press release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, if you intend for it to go out immediately. If not, then it should be dated: HOLD RELEASE UNTIL, and then the date for the intended release.

About the Headline

The headline is crucial. It determines if someone will read the rest of the press release, so it must be eye-catching as well as compelling. Creating a headline can be difficult, because not unlike a blog post title, it should be descriptive while also being concise. Your headline should tell us exactly what the press release is going to be about, while making us interested enough to read more.

Why should your audience care?  

Why is this currently relevant?

These are the questions your headline should answer.

About the Body

The body of the press release should begin with the city, state, and location. The first sentence contains the hook that engages your audience to keep on reading. The rest of the first paragraph is the summary of the press release—the key takeaway—distilled into a few sentences.

The lead, or the first paragraph after the summary, should expand on the summary. Any following body paragraphs should breakdown into further detail, the who, what, when, where, and why.

This could also be supplemented by useful quotes that enhance the piece. Quotes can also boost credibility if they are offered by a CEO, founder, or manager within your company. It’s also a plus if you can get a quote from a similar outside source that is established in your industry.

The final paragraph contains your closing remarks, as well as your Call to Action (CTA) that encourages your audience to reach out to your business for more information.

About the Boilerplate

The boilerplate is your company bio information, where you can briefly include any of your most notable achievements, as well as your company mission. This is also where your contact information should go, so that potential leads can reach you.

Sample Press Release

Here is a sample press release from our team at Digital Resource to give you an idea of what an effective press release should look like.

What is an effective press release?


Looking to Enhance Your Brand Awareness with an Effective Press Release?

Would you like to expand your brand awareness with tried and true digital strategies? At Digital Resource, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. For more information on how to get an effective press release, contact us today!

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