Link Building | How it Affects Your SEO

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75% of people don’t scroll past the first page of Google, that’s why it’s important for your business to be on the first page! In an effort to increase your rankings, you should have an SEO strategy in place and an important part of this strategy should be link building. In this blog we will further explore how link building is necessary if you want to climb to the top of rankings!

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of acquiring external websites to link back to a page on your website. Think of link building like a “like” on a Facebook post. The more “likes” your site has, the better it looks to search engines. There are two different kinds of links that relate to link building. A follow link is a link that boosts SEO juice and the page rank of the linked site. A no follow link does not contribute to SEO or the page rank of the linked site. They just don’t count as anything. If a link has a no follow attribute, the HTML tag “nofollow” instructs search engines that the hyperlink should not influence the link’s ranking. The purpose of a no follow link is so people can’t spam search engines, which would result in less quality search results. Examples of nofollow links are blog comments or forum posts. These sites don’t have very much control over what links are posted because users are able to add links freely.

Link building affects SEO

How Does Link Building Help My SEO Campaign?

Search engines use links to find new websites and to help determine how well a page should rank in their results. Anchor text are the words that are visible and clickable in a hyperlink. Search engines use the anchor text to determine what the linked page is about and what searches it could be relevant for. Thus, helping better determine the ranking of the page.

When search engines are determining the quality and how well a page should be ranked, they don’t only look at the content of the page but also how many links to this page are on external websites and the quality of those external sites. For example, if the New York Times website was to link back to your page, your page rank would receive a huge boost because the New York Times is a credible, quality page. Link building is such a strong signal in Google’s algorithm because they see a link to another site as an indicator that the page is a good resource.  More quality links means higher search rankings. Although link building is not the only component of an effective SEO strategy, it is definitely an important factor. To get the most benefit from link building you have to create content that is worth linking too! This is what people struggle with the most, but with some research and creativity, quality content will begin to flow from your site!

So start building the confidence search engines have in your page with link building! There is a lot too learn about link building, so if you have any questions contact us at 561-429-2585. You can also connect with our West Palm Beach Internet Marketing Agency online today! We are experts in internet marketing and can help you improve your SEO strategy and increase your online presence!

Jenna graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Alabama and has a tremendous amount of knowledge and marketing experience from her schooling and internship programs. Having handled many clients on numerous occasions, she is customer service oriented and provides assistance in a professional and friendly manner.

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