Link Building | What are Effective Link Building Practices?

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SEO is a constantly changing and evolving entity, however, link building will always be an extremely important aspect of the process. Link building is the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your site through citing a blog, a piece of content, or some other aspect of your website that is of value. While links are not the be-all and end-all of SEO, they are certainly important in ranking factors. Better link building, if done correctly, can be a tremendous benefit to your website. However, if done carelessly it can result in serious harm to your brand. While there are no set rules on the function of SEO, staying up to date on good and bad practices will give your business the upper hand.

 Focus on Natural Links from Awesome Content 

By far, the best way to generate external links to your company’s page is by producing the best content possible. Content is a general term for anything you create on your site. Incidentally, one of the best ways to get new links is to create content that’s so good, other site owners have no choice but to recognize you for it. Powered by relevant, informative and unique content, your link building strategy will never fail. When you produce keyword-infused, topic-focused spectacular content, you are likely to generate links from other pages purely because you are a source of authority on a topic.

what are some good link building practices

Link Building on Relevant and Authoritative Sites

The forums and discussions on the pages of authoritative sites will have the audience you’re looking for as well. Take part in discussions, post comments and interact with users, and in your signature put your site’s link/URL. This will help successful and effective link building, as well as building reputation for your business. Related and interesting content will inspire the members of the forums to visit your site after reading your comments. The key here is relevancy of the sites your linking with, and that link with you. Once you have quality content behind your business, you will begin to create your authority in your niche.

If You Don’t Have a Blog, Stop Everything You Are Doing Right NOW! 

Having a platform for your business to constantly update, share and deliver content is an incredibly valuable resource. This not only makes it easier for natural links to occur in your industry but now you have something built to link authoritative voices to once you reach out. While it may not make sense to link to a homepage or a product, linking to a relevant blog topic can work for link building opportunities. Again, creating quality content within your blog shows that you are a reputable, insightful and reliable source of information. When businesses see this, linking with you will be beneficial for both businesses.

Avoid Any High-Volume Link Acquisition Strategy

Paid Links

You may see the opportunity to pay sites to link your content, however, be careful with these. In very simple terms, links are like votes to Google. When a web page has multiple links, this can help a site “win” the Google election for a search. However, like politics, it is frowned upon to buy votes in the SEO world. Google’s system is much more complicated than that, and if you are linking to an untrusted source you are not doing yourself any favors. Buying links are meant to be a shortcut to winning the Google election. But, ultimately, you don’t even know if the links you’re buying will work, and there’s an excellent chance they could prove harmful to you in the long-run. Buying links is risky business, and generally not worth the risk for most businesses

Trading Links

In years gone by, trading links with other websites was a productive way of getting links.  Yet much like most of the link building tactics, this was often abused and pushed to the extreme. “Link Exchanges” were no longer being given because of quality, but because the webmaster would receive a link in return. Because of this, Google seeks to devalue links that are only given because a link is being given in return. When it comes to Google, link building needs to be a process that you earn. They want to see you have something of good quality to offer, and putting out quality content will ensure they see that.

what are the most effective link building practices

Take Your Time

Link building is like relationship building. You don’t walk into an event and expect to leave with 100 great new relationships, right? Instead, you make a handful of connections that you can nurture and grow over time. Treat your link building the same way – start small and build momentum. While the process is tedious, it helps to have a knowledgeable team to assist you. Contact our experienced team today to learn more about the process!

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