Link Building in Chicago | How Are Links Important to My Business?

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One of the most challenging digital marketing tasks for businesses is link building. Keyword research, on-page optimization and local SEO is all doable, but when it comes to link building in Chicago, that’s a whole other thing. The goal is to provide a simple strategy that businesses can use to help build their dominance and overall organic search visibility.

We’re told to “make sure other sites link to yours” while at the same time we hear that we should “avoid link building because it can do more harm than good.” So what are we supposed to do?

Do I need to use link building in chicago for my business?

Get All Your Link Building in Chicago Facts Straight

Before you dive right in to link building, you might want to get everything else dialed in first. Of course, you want to maximize results from the easier tactics. Your local SEO and on-page optimization should be figured out beforehand.

Local SEO provides that backbone of local listings and strongly influences organic listings for local businesses.

On-page optimization covers the nuts and bolts for optimizing your site. If you’re a local business, this is already taken care of in your Local SEO. However, if you cover a wider geographic area, then make sure your domain level and page level optimization is fined tuned.


Link Building Philosophy

One of the biggest issues with small business link building efforts is the mindset in which they are approached. If you change the way you think about link building, then you have a strategic advantage over your competitors. The two ways to attack link building in Chicago are as follows:

  1. First, build something that deserves to be linked to.
  2. Then, connect what needs to be connected.

You want links from high-quality and relevant sites, as these links are more trusted and add more value. Create something of value to your target audience. This is often the hardest area. Ideally, this will be something that can be integrated into your overall marketing strategy.


Promote Your Content on Relevant Sites

The content you create and publish on a third-party site should be enhanced and improved by linking to your article. However, it is critical to ensure that the link is seemingly natural and there for the reader and not just for SEO purposes. Of course, you want the link for SEO purposes, but you have to do so in a way that makes sense. Your primary concern is to build links that influence visibility. Additionally, a second benefit is that you may be able to build positive referral traffic.

If you have the means, hiring a PR agency or a copywriter to alert traditional media outlets and leading websites about your business could be a great idea. It only takes one good mention on a leading industry blog or serious publication to get some serious links.

what are the benefits of link building in chicago for business?

Link building in Chicago can be a little difficult to figure out on your own. The best tip we can give you is when you’re building links, always keep your customer in mind. Do not just build links to build links. If you need some guidance, our experts at Digital Resource have the knowledge to implement and maintain your links throughout your website. Contact us today for a free internet marketing analysis!

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