Link Building in Detroit | How Can My Business Get Better Quality Links?

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If you’re looking for more organic online traffic, link building is your answer. You may have heard about this SEO practice before. However, it’s important to make sure that your link building in Detroit is being implemented properly in order to avoid penalties to your company website. Read on for some ways to better your link building habits.

4 Areas of Your Link Building to Improve

Reciprocal Linking

Excessive link exchange or partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking will negatively impact your website’s ranking in search results. However, link exchange is not bad as long as reciprocal links are not done excessively and they are on topic. A good rule of thumb for reciprocal links is that they should be natural and make sense from your customer’s standpoint.

Article Marketing or Guest Posting

How can my content be better suited for link building in Detroit?

Links should not occur with over-optimized anchor text in content distributed on other sites. It’s great that people write about you and link back to your website. However, their links should be created in a natural way. Stuffing anchor text with commercial keywords is far from natural and can get your website penalized. Instead, make sure that brand keywords or navigational phrases are used.

Web Directory Links

Adding your site to any web directory just to get a backlink will have a negative effect on your website’s ranking. In fact, there are some directories that exist and provide no real value to internet users. These directories have been excluded from Google search results. Therefore, you don’t want your website to be in there!

The best directories are the ones that provide useful information for your potential customers. Not to mention, relevancy plays a big role in PageRank. In other words, building links in directories that are attached to informative websites that are relevant to your industry is very beneficial for your business.

Forum and Blog Posts Comments

What is a good strategy for link building in Detroit?

Unhelpful blog comments with optimized links in the post or signature are never a good idea. It’s not just rude, it also hurts your SEO. If you participate in an active discussion on a forum or blog that is relevant to your business, your comments should provide contextual value.

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