Link Building in Fort Lauderdale | What Makes a Link Valuable?

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In the real world, networking can open up so many doors to new opportunities. The more quality of a person, the stronger the connection to other possibilities. However, this concept is important on other worlds too. For example, the world wide web. An important aspect of establishing online authority includes who is talking about who. This means link building in Fort Lauderdale. Links to and from other websites hold a lot of value. Get to know this aspect of digital marketing and how you can start building better Internet connections:

What is Link Building?

Link building is when an external page links to your website or a particular page within your website. When a website with a lot of what is referred to as “digital authority” links back to your website or page, search engines recognize that your site may be worthy of a higher ranking. And, the more authority a website has, the more authority your website will grow. Link building is a tedious aspect of a digital marketing strategy. But, it is essential to getting new visitors! But, what determines the value of a link back?

why should i use link building in fort lauderdale


The first step to finding a valuable “link partner” is how popular they are. In fact, in reference to the Internet, everything is a popularity contest. Search engines determine the popularity of a site by its traffic. If a lot of people visit a site and stay on it, it is more than likely a trustworthy source. This then reflects well on you if they link back to your site.


The trustworthiness of a site is a major key as well. There is more spam on the Internet than not. So, search engines must determine the trustworthiness of a website before they rank them high. University pages, government websites, non-profit organizations, and more along those lines are considered very trustworthy. So, that makes them the ideal environment for a link back.

Anchor Text

Your anchor text says so much about your website. Anchor text is where you place a link. If a page features a link and contains targeted keywords and phrases, then the possibility of it ranking higher is greater. However, linking within a keyword or phrase can be extremely harmful. So, make sure your pages have defined keywords while making sure you are not linking back in a keyword.

does social sharing help link building in fort lauderdale

Social Sharing

Social media is a great way to get your links noticed by others. And, while it is not completely clear on how search engines judge the quality of a link socially shared, there are clear benefits, including increased traffic. So, be sure to put your content on as many forms of social media as possible.

Do You Want to Learn More About Link Building in Fort Lauderdale?

Increasing your website’s online authority and earning rank at the top of Google searches takes time. And, link building in Fort Lauderdale is only one of many methods to optimizing your website. If you are looking to better your digital marketing strategy, Digital Resource can assist you! So, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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