Link Building in Los Angeles | What Is Link Building?

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Think of search engine ranking as a popularity contest. In order to get to the very first spot in a search engine result, you need to have enough votes. Every link that goes to your website shows its popularity. And, some of these votes hold more value than others. That’s the general concept of link building in Los Angeles.

What Are Links?

Links are when a website’s URL is embedded somewhere on a website. A website user can click a link and it will redirect them to a site. They are also referred to as hyperlinks when embedded into the text.

is link building in los angeles part of the google algorithm

Why Are Links Important?

Link building is a cyclical process. Popular sites link to your site which, in turn, shows how popular your site is. In the Google algorithm, this has value and can move your website up the ranks. Once your website starts to rank higher, the more people will see it. This ultimately comes back to lead generation by reaching more people and more accurately targeting your ideal audience.

How Do Links Become Important?

There is no confirmed method to Google’s madness; however, we can make educated estimations as to how links gain value. Global popularity references to the popularity of the site and how much traffic it is getting. The more traffic, the more online authority. Local popularity also plays a role. Depending on where you are, some sites will be more important than in other locations. Also, the quality of backlinks is important. This is called a “link neighborhood”. If a site continuously links to spam or irrelevant pages, they can hurt their authority. Sharing pages on social media can also add value by showing Google that it is a relevant link.

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Are You Looking to Learn More About Link Building in Los Angeles?

When it comes to link building in Los Angeles, it all comes back to your website. So, request a free internet marketing analysis and get your business on the path to digital success.

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