Link Building in Miami | What Determines the Value of a Link?

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You are probably already aware that proper search engine optimization is what will get your business to the top of Miami search results. What you may not be aware of is that your link building in Miami is an integral part of a great SEO marketing strategy. Take a look below at what makes certain links you choose to use on your website more important than others.

What are the best practices for link building in Miami?

8 Factors That Determine the Value of Your Website’s Links

PageRank – Despite thousands of algorithm changes, PageRank remains the foundation of the Google algorithm. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. In general, links on pages with high PageRank tend to have the most ranking power.

Referring Domains – Links from sites with thousands of referring domains tend to have the most ranking power.

Number of Outbound Links – Unlike the number of referred domains, a link on a page with hundreds of outbound links will have a PageRank that is significantly diluted.

Trust Rank – Links from highly trusted sites give a higher boost to rankings than “low-trust” sites do. This is the case even if both have similar authority metrics. Because of this, try using news sites, .edu domains, and similar sources when possible.

Contextual Links – Links significantly more powerful when surrounded by content. Links that are tucked away in the sidebar or footer area of a page carry lower link value.

Who can help with link building in Miami?

Linking Domain Relevancy – A site’s relevancy in relation to yours is emerging as one of the most important factors Google uses to weigh a backlink’s ranking potential.

Co-Citations – In addition to relevancy, the specific text surrounding a link sometimes plays a role in a link’s ranking power for particular keywords. Therefore, make sure to include your target keyword near your link whenever possible.

Anchor Text – Anchor text isn’t as important as it once was. However, search engines still use anchor text as a ranking signal. Consequently, you should make sure that anchor text is relevant to what is being linked.

Do You Need Assistance with Link Building in Miami?

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