Link Building in New York City | How Will it Affect My Small Business?

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Just when you thought you had to have a degree in internet marketing, we came up with a way to explain link building in New York City for the everyday business owner. In a nutshell, link building is the process of convincing sources on the Web to add hyperlinks on their website to yours. Inbound links are so crucial to businesses because they are one of the most important factors that impact search engine rankings, including Google. Small businesses have a greater potential for local customers, therefore making link building in New York City very effective. Here are five local link building strategies that work for small businesses.

will link building in new your city be beneficial to my business?

1. Local Directories/Review Sites

As a small business, it’s highly recommended that you should start with local directories and review sites. Not sure what a local directory is? Well, you’re in luck. They’re exactly what they sound like—directories that are specific to your location. Typically, they are pretty easy and straightforward links that are often up for grabs. Some options include:

  • Local Newspaper
  • Your Building’s Online Directory
  • City Directory
  • Local Chamber of Commerce

Right alongside local directories are review sites. They should also be a focus early on in your link building in New York City project. Not only do those sites help with local SEO, they can also provide you with beneficial links. They key is getting positive reviews. Some stand out review sites include:

There are a number of review sites and relevant directories out there that can provide you with link relatively easily.

2. Create Local Partnerships

If you currently have partnerships with other companies that already have websites, you should definitely leverage these partnerships for a link. However, you may want to build some new relationships in order to build new links. An option for creating these partnerships are local companies with products that are complementary to your own. Local suppliers are another great option for potential partnerships. Use the relationships you already have to build up and create some valuable links.

3. Local Sponsorships

Some of the most common sponsorship opportunities come from local events and non-profit organizations. Beyond building brand recognition at the actual event, you can typically get links from a sponsorship page.

Local Business Events Include:

  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Award Ceremonies

Local Community Events Include:

  • Parades
  • Concerts
  • Farmers Markets
  • Festivals

Non-Profit Options Include:

  • Museums
  • Theatres
  • Nature Centers

Sponsorships can provide a great way to increase brand exposure as well as lead to some great links.

4. Host a Giveaway

Another effective local link building strategy is to host a giveaway or a contest. Who doesn’t like winning prizes? The idea is that if you are running a giveaway promotion, you can encourage participants to link back to your site to show others where they can sign up. The most important aspect of giveaways and contests is ensuring you promote them in the correct places so you can get your target audience involved.

5. Proving Testimonials for Link Building in New York City

Providing testimonials is one of the most straightforward local link building in New York City strategies out there. Basically, you provide a positive testimonial to another site, giving their business legitimacy, and they provide a link back to your site so potential customers who view the testimonial can see who you are. This strategy can be especially effective for small business because there are so many interactions made regularly through the process of doing business that can be easily turned into testimonials and links.

how can link building in new york city help my small business?


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