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Link building is an art and is a specialized tool for SEO. It can be a complicated process, but certainly worthwhile when done correctly. So, if you’re interested in learning more about link building in Tequesta, here is a crash course in link building 101!


Anchor Text

Hyperlinks are attached to keywords and anchor text within your site. So, naturally, the anchor text should be relevant to whatever content it is being linked to. They are identified by blue underlined text that turns purple after being opened.

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Internal Links

Internal links are hyperlinks anchored in the text that links to other pages on your website. For example, the first link in this article is an internal link because it brings you to another blog on this site. Internal links show search engine algorithms that your site is active and keeping the information up-to-date.


External Links

External links are similar to internal links. They’re linked to an anchor text within your site’s content however they link to pages on other websites. So, an example of this is the second link in this article that brings you to a relevant article at Forbes. When done correctly, external links show that your site is connecting with other credible sources.

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Link Networks

After utilizing both internet and external links, your site will create relationships with other credible sources over time as they link to you and you link to them. This link network helps boost SEO. This shows search engine algorithms you’re site is credible and relevant.


Want to Learn More About Link Building in Tequesta?

Link building takes a lot of time and dedication to work successfully. So, make sure your investment is worthwhile by hiring a professional link building company. Digital resource specializes in link building and would love to work with your company! Contact us today!

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