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Due to widespread growth and popularity, there are now social platforms dedicated to every aspect of daily life.  Enter LinkedIn, the social media platform for business.  Uses for LinkedIn include recruiting new employees, sharing company updates, requesting assistance or keeping in touch with clients.  This social resource is an online version of a networking conference with nearly every industry participating.  LinkedIn marketing opportunities are more targeted for specific industry topics and often receive better engagement from professionals with common interests.

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How is LinkedIn Different?


LinkedIn was inherently created for business purposes.  This is an advantage for B2B opportunities since most social networks tend to cater more on keeping in touch with friends and following trending topics.  On other social platforms, posts that promote a company or give updates about a business are often shunned as advertising.  LinkedIn challenges this norm by allowing a space for businesses to share news about their company without guilt.  A user can choose to follow influencers, colleagues, and clients on LinkedIn for day to day updates in their specific industry and markets.  Also, LinkedIn serves as a living version of a résumé with education, work experience, skills and accomplishments on display.  Whether you are a freelance artist or a Fortune 500 executive, LinkedIn is a think-tank for all areas of business to collaborate.



Best Practices for LinkedIn Marketing


-A winning strategy for LinkedIn marketing requires using many of the various features available.  Utilize plugin features on your website to inform your audience about the company’s activity LinkedIn.  LinkedIn provides the code to seamlessly input these features onto your website.

-Publishing ‘pulse articles’ is a great way to get your followers attention with informative, thought-provoking material.  Unlike a simple status update, your connections will be notified when you post a pulse article.  This feature helps increase views and engagement of your articles.

-Follow strategic LinkedIn groups & company pages.  Search for groups on LinkedIn that discuss specific niche topics in your field.  Interacting on these group pages will help establish your reputation in the industry.  Also, this practice will inform you of new trends or events that may be opportunities for your business.

-Endorsements of skills is a great way to showcase your expertise.  Be generous endorsing colleagues and new connections, they will likely return the favor.  Use keywords from your industry as featured skills and be as specific as possible.

-Paid Ad campaigns are also a good way to reach a large and targeted audience for less money than any traditional marketing campaign.  Take advantage of the free $50 credit available for first-time users of the paid service.  Since there is no risk, use the $50 credit to try various approaches to see which campaign type receives the best engagement.  Bolster your campaigns by requesting that co-workers share all company promotions to their personal networks to increase organic reach.

-Before an appointment with a potential client, study the profile of the person you will be meeting with for useful insights.  Learn where they went to school, what they studied and what influencers they follow for ice-breaking conversation.  Also, reading about their specific skills and past projects will help you frame a conversation that will be more relevant to their needs.

-Most importantly, remain active on your personal and business pages.  Followers will come over time if you consistently post relevant content and contribute to the digital conversation on a regular basis.

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Ready for the First Step?


Achieving results on social media platforms takes a consistent approach and winning formula.  Digital Resource, an internet marketing agency, delivers peace of mind for their client’s social media woes.  Across all platforms, including LinkedIn, Digital Resource creates daily posts that engage followers and generate leads.  Whether your company needs help with social media or a complete SEO overhaul, Digital Resource can be the solution.  Request a free internet marketing analysis to learn insights on ways to improve your online marketing strategy.

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