Live Chat in Atlanta | Is It for Everyone’s Business?

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At a first glance, Live Chat in Atlanta seems like a really handy tool that can support routine customer service tasks. However, many businesses still have yet to unlock the potential of live chat. We’re talking about your proactive approach. Generally, there are two types of customer support: reactive and proactive. What exactly does that mean? For instance, email and phone are reactive—you engage in conversation that a customer initiates. Comparatively, live chat is proactive since you’re able to view a user’s activity on a website and squeeze in at a crucial moment like the checkout stage. With live chat in Atlanta, you have the upper hand and can offer assistance whenever you feel necessary. Here are a few advantages of live chat software:

do i need live chat in atlanta for my business?

Quick Response Rate

The competitive advantage that live chat has over traditional client support tools like phone and email is speed. Generally, calling by phone is traditionally a frustrating experience. Most people end up hanging up the phone before they get to speak to a live person. Moreover, emails can cause delays in communication as well. Compared to live chat, people don’t rush to reply to their emails. Live Chat is built to mirror instant messaging technologies. With that being said, a customer is able to briefly describe a problem and get an immediate response.

Live Chat in Atlanta is Convenient to Use

When it comes to customer service, everything needs to be effortless to get the desired result. Customers don’t want to dial a long phone number and follow numeric options. Nor do they want to fill out a form on a website and wait to be reached by email. Live chat works in conjunction with the page being visited. With this method, there is no interruption in a user’s experience.

Reduced Costs

Most customer support tools including live chats require a human workforce, so live chat in Atlanta won’t reduce 100% of your costs. However, a great advantage of live chat is that it allows multitasking. Support operators are able to switch between chat windows and keep a few conversations going at the same time. Therefore, you’re able to reduce workforce costs and cut response times. Another advantage is that live chats don’t require expensive equipment and toll-free numbers so pricing for live chats is much cheaper than for telephone calls.

Valuable Insights

Live chat services provide businesses comprehensive reporting and analytic tools that allow you to stay updated with staff performance and customer satisfaction. A common functionality of live chat software includes metrics on total chats, customer satisfaction, response time, duration of chats and number of available operators.

is live chat in atlanta helpful?

Online chat support can significantly boost conversion rates and turn your visitors into loyal customers. All thanks to the effortless experience and speed it provides.  These days there are plenty of options for live chat in Atlanta. It’s up to you to choose the appropriate tool. If you’d like to discuss live chat solutions for your business, our marketing specialists are here for you. Contact us today for a FREE analysis.

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