Live Chat Company | 4 Major Benefits of Live Chat for Business

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Live chat is in the beginning stages of becoming a major staple in business models. Customers, now more than ever, are favoring online customer service over phone interaction, and businesses are noticing. As a result, many businesses are adding live chat support to give real-time answers to their customers.  Adding this feature to your website will soon be a must-have for any business owner. Keep reading to find out all the ways a live chat company can help your business utilize the power of live chat!

4 Benefits of Using a Live Chat Company

Is there a live chat company I can hire to help with adding live chat to my website?

1) Customer Convenience

Customer convenience is one of the major benefits of adding live chat to your website. This avoids the need to navigate away from your website in order to call your business. Live chat grants your customers the flexibility to navigate around your website while getting their questions addressed. The two most cited reasons customers have an enjoyable experience with a business are quality and speed of service, so make sure you do both. However, live chat is important not just for answering customer issues. It’s also helpful for businesses wanting to provide advice for customers. This allows for customers to become better informed and make better buying decisions. 

2) Cost Efficient

Adding this service to your business website is extremely cost efficient. Why? Because it allows for one representative to chat with multiple customers simultaneously. This means you won’t need to hire more agents to field phone calls. Not to mention, live chat has lower waiting times than traditional call centers. Another way adding live chat can be cost efficient is that it increases the average amount a customer spends thanks to the fact that company representatives can help the consumer pick the right product.  It is proven that customers will spend more when communicating through live chat since it gives them confidence in their buying decisions.

3) Chat Records

Live chat adds the benefit of being able to gather customer transcripts and review them. These transcripts can be used to better improve your customer’s experience, both online and in person. Additionally, transcripts are crucial to understanding and fixing what is and isn’t working for a business. But that’s not all. Monitoring customer interactions through live chat can help you to look at the speed at which problems are being resolved. In turn, this will help your company better understand the benefits of the service and how live chat procedures can evolve over time with your company.

4) Competitive Advantage

Business rivalries occur every day, yet many businesses still do not have live chat on their websites. This is a huge mistake. Adding live chat places you at the forefront of customer service and gives you an edge on your competition. Live chat has even been proven to increase conversions by 20%. Furthermore, customers will begin to prefer you over your competitors because they can get their questions answered.
What is the benefit of having a live chat company work on my website?Clearly, a live chat company can benefit your business in countless ways. Want to see the magic for live chat for yourself? Then chat with one of our live chat representatives. All you need to do is click on the button in the bottom right corner of your screen. We would love to chat with you and help to improve your businesses customer experience. Contact our live chat team to learn more about how this service can help your business today!

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