Live Chat in Boca Raton | How Effective is Live Chat for My Business?

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If you’ve visited an e-commerce or service website recently, you probably noticed small window popping up inviting you to chat with a representative for the company. Live chat is present on websites within all industries today. This internet marketing trend is becoming more and more popular for both consumers and businesses. No matter the size or industry your business operates under, chances are your company can benefit from live chat too. Here are some statistics that prove how effective live chat in Boca Raton really is.

Where can I find the best live chat in Boca Raton?

 Statistics that Prove How Effective Live Chat Can Be

  1. Customers love live chat. The proof is in the pudding. When shopping online, 73% of customers claim that they are satisfied with their experience all because of live chat. Additionally, 63% of customers stated that they are more likely to return to that website because of the live chat service. This means that if you are not offering live chat on your website, you are missing out.
  2. Consumers see the value in live chat for receiving essential information quickly. This is seen as 44% of consumers online state that having their questions answered while they are making a purchase online is one of the most important features of a website.
  3. Live chat can increase your sales. In fact, 77% of consumers will not make a purchase on a website if a live chat feature is unavailable. Some companies have seen as high as 42% conversion with users who are using live chat. Additionally, some companies credit 20% of their sales to live chat.

Where can I find the best live chat in Boca Raton?

Implement Live Chat in Boca Raton

If you’re website does not have live chat, you’re missing out on building customer loyalty and generating new leads. Contact Digital Resource to get started with live chat in Boca Raton. Keeping up with the latest website trends is the best way to keep your valuable clients satisfied and grow your business.

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