Live Chat in Fort Lauderdale | 4 Phrases to Never Use on Live Chat

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Live chat in Fort Lauderdale should be treated as a friendly conversation. However, at the root of this form of lead generation is customer service. So, there are certain phrases that will work to generate leads and some that will absolutely kill that potential. So, here are four phrases you should avoid altogether – no matter how well a chat is going:

“No problem.”

There is a trend among younger generations of saying “no problem” in place of “you’re welcome.” While “You’re welcome” may sound very formal, it is the nicest way of showing appreciation and understanding. The problem with “no problem” is that implies that there was an issue to begin with. And, there is never an issue if a potential new client is asking a question or making a request.

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“I don’t know.”

Do not admit that you do not know something. Instead, offer to pass a live chatter over to someone in another department who will be able to provide more information. This shows that you are doing the best for the potential new customer rather than leaving them hanging, which is extremely poor customer service and guarantees you will not generate a lead.

“I cannot assist you.”

This is not true. You are able to provide some form of guidance to a live chatter, even if you yourself do not know the answer. You should always direct the website visitor to another department or grab their contact information to have a representative reach out. And, if you grab their information, that is technically a lead – the main goal of live chat.

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While you should be personable during a live chat, there is still an underlying formality that needs to be upheld. You should always use a formal “no” if you need to negate something. “Nope” and “yup” are never words you should use when addressing a potential new customer.

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