Live Chat in Jacksonville | How to Use Live Chat for Lead Generation

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What’s the quickest way to capture, qualify, and convert more leads? Add live chat to your website! Live chat in Jacksonville allows your business to contact your customers throughout the buying process. Whether they are in the early stages of the buying cycle or ready to make your decision, you are there to answer their questions online using live chat!

Stage #1: Awareness

In this stage, the customer is aware of what they need and realizes that you may fulfill that need. Customer service begins in the awareness stage! They will visit your site looking for answers. You can answer those questions using live chat. Start off by saying something like “Hey there! Do you have any questions for me?”

The best way to use live chat in Jacksonville

Stage #2: Consideration

In the next stage, the customer is evaluating whether they should purchase from you or from a competitor. This is likely the stage where the customer is going to check out your reviews online. If your customers had a wonderful experience with your customer service, this is your time to shine!

Stage #3: Preference

This is the stage where your customer is starting to distinguish you from your competitors. If there is something specific you offer that is different, like being able to answer their questions directly using live chat, this is where you are going to stand out. You can use live chat to explain your features and benefits, tell them about your products, or emphasize that you are there for them to answer any further questions they may have.

Stage #4: Purchase

Yay, the customer chose you! But, not so fast. You need to make sure the purchase stage is simple for the customer. If they are having any questions about the process, they can reach out to you via live chat. No more customer service representatives tied up with a bunch of questions about the purchase process. Plus, if your customers are constantly having the same question during this stage, you can see that in your analytics. Use your analytics to add this information to your website to make the buying process simpler.

Stage #5: Advocate

At the end of the customer buying process, sometimes referred to as the buyer’s journey, your customer can then become an advocate for your product. Use other internet marketing resources like an email marketing campaign to thank them for their purchase. This is where you can get reviews that will help other customers who are in the consideration stage.

How to use live chat in Jacksonville to guide customers through the buyers journey

How Live Chat in Jacksonville is Used in the Buyer’s Journey

Ok, so you understand the buyer’s journey, but how does live chat in Jacksonville actually contribute to this process? Your customer service representative is there the entire time. Think about it as a little bird on your customer’s shoulder that is there to any questions they may have. This increases the movement through the journey and the quality of the experience your customer had at each stage.

Convert your leads into customers using live chat on your website! Contact Digital Resource and we’ll get you set up with live chat in Jacksonville.

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