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Live chat services are changing the game of customer service. Being easy to implement, here’s why your business needs live chat.

Happier Customers

Happy customers mean more business.

When customers engage with a live chat representative, the overall experience is quick and simple. Customers welcome the ability to easily enter order numbers and confirmation codes into a chat box for faster service. Customers can continue browsing and easily view online content while chatting. And they can easily carry that support all the way through checkout Overall, live chat brings very few interruptions to the customer’s online experience. With live chat, agents have access to each customer’s browsing history, shortcuts/macros, co-browsing features, and many other helpful tools. This means chat agents can help the customer with the context of customer’s history and activity. With access to better tools, agents can provide better, more relevant support to customers – which, in the end, is a “win-win” for both the customer and the agent.



Lower Service Costs

Resolving issues has never been easier.

As customer service teams use live chat, they see an overall decrease in the service costs in supporting online customers. The initial set-up and implementation of a live chat tool is quick and easy. The cost per interaction of live chat is lower than most alternative methods like phone or email support. Because of quicker response times, agents spend less time per interaction and thus each interaction takes up less of the agent’s time, which reduces the need for extra agents. Additionally, since agents can support multiple customers simultaneously this is far less costly than phone support where agents can support only one customer at one time. Live chat will also reduce the number of calls coming into the call center as customers turn to live chat over dialing a phone number.

What is live chat in west palm beach?

Live Chat in Manalapan


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