Live Chat in Miami | 3 Canned Responses You Should be Using

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Having a live chat service on your website can change the game for your business’s lead generation. However, at the root of getting those leads is premier customer service. People love live chat these days because it is instantaneous. There is no waiting time like phone or email support. But, you can only type so fast! While agents should always be quick to respond, there is an amazing feature called canned responses. Keep reading to learn why you need to know about these to get the most out of your live chat in Miami:

What are Canned Responses?

Canned responses are prewritten messages that answer commonly asked questions. In your settings, you can denote a canned response with a hashtag then keyword. For example, for contact information, you can have “#contact”. The message you create will then show up in the message when you type out the hashtag. This quickens your response time immensely.

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You should have a thank you in your canned responses. This makes it super easy to say goodbye to a website visitor and move on. Simply follow it up with a “Thanks! I’m passing along your contact information now and a representative will be reaching out shortly.” Or, some version of that that suits your needs.


Sometimes, you simply can’t answer a question on live chat. That is a potential lead. Assist them with #BestBet. This message can read along the lines of “Your best bet is to speak with a specialist. If you’d like, I can grab your contact information and have one reach out to discuss.”

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Again, you can’t always answer a question via live chat. So, offer to grab their contact information and pass it along. That’s what #Information does for you! And, guess what? This is called a lead! Which is the entire goal of having a live chat service.

Are You Looking to Invest in Live Chat in Miami?

A live chat in Miami can take your website and your internet marketing strategy to the next level! So, if you’re looking to implement this service, contact us at Digital Resource for more information.

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