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As a society, we continue to become more and more reliant on the internet. We use it to look up business listings, research information, and even make everyday purchases. Thanks to new advancements, we can even do our grocery shopping on the internet! Since we have come so reliant on the internet, online customer support programs have grown in not just popularity but also necessity. The old-fashioned customer service methods are now being replaced by more tech-savvy ones. One example of that is live chat. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using live chat in West Palm Beach.

Improved Customer Service

While this might seem to be the most obvious perk, one could argue it is also the most important. While customer service has always been an important part of business, it has become even more crucial in this technological boom we find ourselves in. Now, not only is the quality of customer service important though, the speed at which customers receive it is equally as important. If people aren’t getting instant answers, they will move on to somewhere that they can. Live chat can give those customers their instant answers and that’s why they like it. In fact, the Customer Service Benchmark survey of 2000 consumers found that live chat has the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73 percent, as compared to 61 percent for email support and only 44 percent for traditional phone support. The reason for that is because of the speed at which a live chat conversation takes place and the convenience. Happier customers equal more business which equals more money.

Cost Effective

Speaking of money, when it comes to customer service options, live chat is by far the most cost-effective. In fact, it is comparable in price to a quality email provider and significantly cheaper than phone support. Where it wins the “tiebreaker” over email is the convenience and instant communication. So, how much cheaper is it? Well, live chat customer service is 17% cheaper than a phone call. The primary reason behind this is because one person can handle multiple live chat conversations at once as opposed to just one phone call at a time. That means fewer people that need to be hired and trained which means more money staying in your pocket.

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Increased Sales

Having to hire fewer people isn’t the only way that live chat can put more money in your pocket though. Live chat has been shown to directly increase your sales. In fact, studies show that that live chat can increase conversions by at least 20% and that the typical ROI rate from paid live chat software for sales teams is about 300%. There are several reasons behind this. For starters, people that experience excellent customer service are more likely to make a purchase at the end of their experience. Not only that, but live chat allows you to get to know your customer better in a way that they are comfortable with. As they begin to trust you more, the chances that they make a purchase will increase. Live chat also keeps them on the website while they communicate with you. This allows them to browse your different pages, once again increasing the odds that they make a purchase. In addition, while having a conversation with a customer or prospective customer, an opportunity might arise for a potential upsell. If you can close the upsell that will result in increased sales as well. Finally, if you leave the customer satisfied after their live chat experience, not only are they more likely to do business with you, they are also more likely to refer you to other people. If any of those referrals turn into customers, that is just another way that you can increase business through the use of live chat.


The theme in all that is that live chat is convenient. Not only is it convenient for them, but it is also convenient for you as well. It’s convenient for the customer because they don’t have to stop what they are doing to talk to you. They don’t have to pick up a phone and dial a number. They don’t have to exit the page and type up an email and wait for a response. Those same perks work for you as well though. You don’t have to stop your day to have a conversation with a customer. In fact, thanks to live chat’s mobile capabilities, you don’t even have to be near a computer to talk to them. If you can access it from your smartphone or tablet, you can talk to them from wherever you might be. Plus, unlike phone conversations, live chat conversations tend to be quicker and more right to the point. This allows you to talk to the customer and then get back to what you were doing.

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Advantage Over the Competition

Despite its many benefits and advantages, there are still companies out there that are not using live chat on their websites. By not having live chat, they are putting themselves at a disadvantage against the competition. Since customers have made it known that they prefer live chat, they are more likely to do business with a company that has live chat over one that doesn’t. Chances are at least some of your competition isn’t using live chat. So, start using live chat and get a leg up on the competition.

Are You Interested in Live Chat in West Palm Beach?

Live chat can have many great benefits for both you and your customers. Not only do customers appreciate having live chat, but they will reward you for it. If you are concerned that you aren’t able to handle live chat on your own, outsourcing your live chat service can be a great option. At Digital Resource, we will run your live chat for you, allowing you more time to focus on running your business. Contact us today to learn more about our live chat services.

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