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You already know traditionally there are multiple ways customers can contact support for a business. You might even know that live chat is a platform that enables you to instantly chat with visitors of your website. What you might not be aware of is how much live chat benefits your business. When compared to email, phone support, and other communication platforms, the benefits of live chat are numerous. For many businesses, it has unlimited potential to elevate your customer service to the next level.

What are the benefits of live chat for small businesses?

Develop Deeper Customer Relations

The quality of your product or service will be the overreaching factor as to the success of your business. However, the accessibility to contact your business regarding questions, concerns, and scheduling is a close second.

Providing the visitors of your website with instant access to a team member is a major benefit of live chat tool. Keeping superior customer relations is key to a business’s success in customer loyalty. Our team will be available during business hours as the first contact when a customer reaches your web page. When a customer arrives on your page, a window pop-ups with a message offering assistance during their page browsing. When the customer begins chatting, an instant message will be sent to a team member directly. From there, contact information will be gathered and sent back to your company to reach out. The ability to solve problems faster, give quicker answers, and provide instant contact offers your customers the assurance you’re there when they need you. This is simple, yet a highly effective recipe for improving both customer service and loyalty.

Stand Out Amongst Competitors

As previously discussed there are a considerable number of ways your business can be applying customer service. However, a significantly high number of businesses still do not use any live chat system on their websites. By opting into live chat, you will have a clear advantage over your competitors. With the friendly, instant support access as well as the opportunity to engage your website visitors, your leads will improve as well as your sales. As the more affordable and effective support solution, soon live chat will become the go-to website technology. If you want to begin distinguishing yourself from business from competitors, now is the time to implement live chat on your site.

Live Chat Increases Conversions

The goal of live chat is to turn prospects into leads for your company. With the overwhelming amount of information available online, it is easy to dismiss a web page as useless and move to the next. With live chat, your business can connect and engage with the prospect immediately during their decision-making process. For your returning customers, they will continue to see your business favorably which results in increased future sales.

Reports and Analytic Data

The type of data available from live chat is unparalleled with any other customer service outlet. Saved transcripts provide reliable information to determine ways to improve your business, based directly on customer interactions.  When a customer chats, information like current site, their location, and what page brought them is available. Being able to know how long customers spend on your website, how many different pages they browsed, and other visitor metrics are extremely valuable information to your business.

How to increase your online leads with live chat

As our world turns more and more online, live chat is becoming the obvious choice in customer service. Customers need to be able to efficiently communicate with your business. This powerful tool allows for the utmost level of customer service. Contact our effective and experienced live chat team today to learn more about how we can boost your business!


With a degree in Marketing Communications from Florida Atlantic University, Jessie is truly a creative thinker. She has a passion for customer service and a background in account-based marketing. Her goal is ensuring the utmost level of professionalism, creativity and support throughout your digital marketing experience.

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