Live Chats | Top 10 Benefits of Using Live Chat

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No matter your business’s size, location, or specialty using live chats can be a great way to engage online users. It’s ideal for customer service and lead building in the digital age. Adding live chats to your business is a great way to increase the value of your customer service.


How do I add live chat?

Ten Ways Live Chats Betters your Business

1. Easy

Customer service is all about catering to the customer. This means using their preferred means of communication on their timetable. Live chats are easy to use. A live chat functions similarly to any other direct messaging program and is already familiar to online users. It also does not require the user to pick up a phone or fill out a contact sheet. With less effort required to reach out, users are much more likely to chat online. This will translate to a higher quantity of leads as well. Apart from its simple nature, customers are more satisfied with the easy live chat experience and continually choose it as an ideal channel for customer service.

2. Customized

All live chats are custom. The appearance and functioning differ to represent the business so each visitor experience is unique. Live chats are crafted to the style and tone of the individual brand. They are not generic presets. Live chats allow you to control the public image you want to display.

3. Personal

When an individual uses live chat, they are connected with a positive and friendly person to assist them. This allows for each interaction to be tailored to the visitor and their needs. The live rep can adjust and adapt with carefully constructed responses to the particular mood and situation. Additionally, by using a live person it offers an opportunity for a connection with a person representing the business, increasing the potential for quality leads.

4. Time

As there are two real people on either side of the live chat, the interaction takes place in real-time. With email, contact, or voicemails there is a much longer response period. With live chats, responses are nearly instant. Visitors convert to leads quicker, with less chance of losing them in the process. Similarly, by immediately responding to user problems, troubleshooting can occur in real-time limiting the negative effects.

5. Feedback

Live chats also have the opportunity for feedback to be offered to the live chat representative and company. This is by either a brief survey, question or given by the user. Feedback can pertain to the website or customer experience. It should be noted that online, individuals are more likely to express negative feedback. Although no one particularly desires this type of feedback, it can be constructive. Feedback identifies points of weakness to improve upon.

6. Presence

Another benefit of live chat is the 24/7 presence they provide within a website. Having the means for a guest to ask a question puts the customer at ease, the same way an associate would offer in a physical store. Besides providing online user comfort, having access to live chat for customers gives added value to any customer service department. It is another visible contact point for the customer.

7. Expenses

The personnel needed to maintain live chats in a customer service department is less. One customer service representative can hold multiple conversations with multiple parties at any given time. The length of conversations occurring in live chats is also shorter and less time demanding on staff. Maintaining live chats is easier and more efficient than phone lines, emails or other customer service means. Live chats require less personnel to maintain and cost significantly less than a phone service.

8. Number of Leads

The primary way of using live chats is to open up the conversation and increase the number of leads. With one more medium for contact, it allows another way for potential customers to get in touch with the business. Using online chat conversations is an easy way to translate visitors to solid leads and then sales.

9. Filter

There is also value in using live chats as a filter. This means assessing online users’ needs and directing them to the appropriate department or employee. Filtering users down the best path. It also becomes easier for sorting internet spam from quality leads. These are continual advantages in time management.

10. Data

Live chats are also a great resource in the realm of record keeping. Live chats will file all interactions making it great for future reference. By looking back on past conversations, you easily can isolate frequently asked questions, gather customer information, and keep watch on general trends. Collecting this information can provide long-term value.

Where can I get help with live chats?


Considering Using Live Chats?

Live chats are the future of customer service with continuous benefits. If you want to incorporate Live Chats into your website, then talk with experts first. Digital Resource offers a free analysis of your current online marketing presence along with tips to increase web traffic.

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