Local Marketing Company | 15 Tips to Boost Your Palm Beach SEO

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You need your business to grow, but you don’t know how to do it? No worries, your local marketing company is here to help! The biggest trick to reaching a larger audience in order is to improve its Palm Beach SEO. Continue reading to learn fifteen tricks that are sure to help you bring in more traffic and grow your business!

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How to Boost Your Palm Beach SEO

Know Your Audience

This is the first step to really branding your business. Knowing your audience will help you zone-in on clientele so you know who to target for internet ads and content creation.

1. Do research to find out what your target audience is for your competitors, and draw conclusions from that.

2. Look into what your competitors are doing, and discover how you can do it better.

3. Make sure your website and social media pages reflect in your branding to attract the specific age group and area you are wanting to target.

4. Knowing your audience will help you narrow-in on which keywords for you to use. Make them specific to your product or service.

5. Know the demographics in your target area to make sure to use the best type, long-tail or short-tail, of keyword for your business.


Have a Strong Website

You need to make sure your business’s website is appealing, not only to users, but to search engines as well. The better SEO you have on your website, the friendlier it is to search engines, which makes it easier to be found at the top of search results.

6. Create a website that is easy to read and navigate.

7. Make sure to incorporate blogs in to your website to help boost your Palm Beach SEO. Remember, blogs should contain your keyword(s).

8. Navigation bars should be correctly linked from one page to the other. Frustration when moving about a website is an easy way to lose traffic, thus losing business opportunities.

9. Avoid unnecessary scripts that can be slowing down the loading speed of your pages.

10. Create as many links as possible to your website. The easiest of them being from social media.


Get on Social Media

It may seem unimportant to the growth of your business, but for SEO purposes, it is very necessary. Not only does this create online engagement between your business and potential clients, but it also allows you to gradually provide more insight on your services and/or products.
11. Incorporate hashtags into your social media posts. Remember, the more links you have relating to your company, the better your chances of getting to the top pages of search engines.

12. Post daily as every post counts. In this case, quantity is quality!

13. Open your posts up to interaction and make sure to engage with your followers.

14. Remind your followers what other social media platforms you can be found on!

15. Utilize pay-per-click ads to reach a bigger audience.

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Contact Your Local Marketing Company

Growing your business is already stressful enough. Take a load off and contact your local marketing company, Digital Resource. We specialize in SEO, social media management, and web design. Allow us to boost your SEO and get your business more leads by contacting us today!

Jackie attended Florida Atlantic University where she received a degree in graphic design. It was there that she discovered her passion for creating. While working towards her BFA in Graphic Design, she was also a baton twirler for FAU's Marching Owls. In her spare time she enjoys doing makeup for clients, which allows her to utilize her creative talents off-screen. She is very team-oriented and is excited to be a part of the Digital Resource team!

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