Local SEO for Dentists | 3 Tips for the Best Results

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Local SEO for dentists is something that cannot be overlooked. It’s essential for all dental practices. While some businesses need to focus nationally or internationally, dentists need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is locally focused. Searches conducted by potential patients are targeted and specific. They are looking for dentists that are in their area. These local dentists must have a great digital presence and positive reviews.

What potential patients are going to pay the closest attention to, however, are the dental practices that are listed on the first page of Google. This is why local SEO for dentists is necessary. Without it, your potential patients will not find your practice. Below are 3 tips to guarantee great rankings!

best tips for local seo for dentists

Local SEO for Dentists – Tip #1: Keep information consistent.

Everywhere you digitally promote your dental practice should have the same information. You always should share the same name, address, and phone number in the same exact style. Anywhere your practice is listed (from your website and social media accounts to directories and maps) should have consistent information.

Being consistent and accurate will reinforce your dental practice’s image to the online world. It’s important to remember that the more places your name, address, and phone number appear, the stronger your search results will be.

Local SEO for Dentists – Tip #2: Include the keywords on your social media accounts.

Keywords for SEO can get a little bit confusing. Placing as many keywords in as many places as possible might make sense from a numbers perspective. But it’s essential to know that keywords are a bit more qualitative than quantitative.

A good way to figure out which keywords have the best quality is simply to choose detailed words that describe your practice. For example, if you’re a cosmetic dental practice located in Miami, a great long tail keyword would be “Cosmetic Dentist Miami”. It’s that simple.

Including these descriptive keywords will then take your local SEO to the next level. Especially because these keywords will be close to the exact phrases potential patients in your area will be typing into Google.

Local SEO for Dentists – Tip #3:  Invest in content.

Using keywords will boost your search rankings, but only if you’re regularly producing and posting content. There’s a reason why people often deem content as “king”. It brings in an audience in a way traditional advertising can’t. Create content by regularly writing on a blog and maintaining social media accounts. Posts can be about various dental treatments, procedures, fact, or dental news. It doesn’t matter as long as its relevant to your practice. Make this content as effective as possible by incorporating keywords.content for seo for dentists

SEO can sometimes be a difficult task. But its an essential one – especially for dentists. 4 out of 5 potential patients use search engines to find local information. Don’t let local SEO intimidate you. Follow these tips and start reaping the benefits. Do you want free customized SEO tips? We’re an internet marketing agency in South Florida that would love to help your dental practice! Get a free SEO analysis with not commitment today!

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